7 ways to be happy and change the world at the same time

Hey there internet,

One thing that we all have to understand is that we change the world simply by being in it. The nature of that change is up to us, either we want it to be a positive change or a negative one. Our impact is what makes us the person we are. To be happy, and fully satisfied, we have to keep working on our impact, and be the best versions of ourselves that we can be.

  • Never do, say or act in a way that can hurt people. Everyone is going through a struggle we know nothing about, furthermore, “what goes around comes around”. Karma is real, what we do comes back to us, no matter how long it takes to come back : it will. Be that person that kills everyone with kindness. People can forget just about everything you said or did to them, but they’ll never forget how you made them feel, so think about the impact you have on people before acting. Being an asshole will only make your life worse, because you made other people suffer, you are more likely to meet people who will make you suffer in ways you never even thought of before. Like they say in Wiccan beliefs “An it harm none, do as ye will”.
  • Be thankful for what you have, and don’t get envious for what you don’t. There’s a proverb that sums up this idea, and that also invites us to enjoy the simplest things in the world that are at the same time what life is all about (and guess what my blog’s title is… exactly, simplicity) : “In the hope of reaching the moon, men fail to see the flowers that blossom at their feet.” (Albert Schweitzer)

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Things i’m grateful for this month

If we woke up someday with just the things we were thankful for the day before, i think most of us would wake up with nothing, or wouldn’t wake up at all. Today’s post is just a small shout out to God, he’s just awesome. Don’t you know him ? Okay, let’s call it universe. So today, I am thankful for :

  • All the love i’m getting from the universe, all the support, all the help, all the smiles, all the good encounters, all the luck, all the possibilites…

  • My amazing health that still functions even with all the miseries i make my body go through on a daily basis, i’m almost an experiment on how much sleep deprivation, junk eating and weird molecules can affect human beings. But so far, so good. I do sports, so that keeps me safe.

  • Studying what i love (graphic design) in a one of a kind art school in Morocco, ESAVM.

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Xena and female role model


Do you remember how campy and wonderful Xena: Warrior Princess was? It’s one of my favorite tv shows of the 90s. Xena is without any doubt the strongest female character i know and I can even say that she’s my biggest female role model of ALL TIME. Everyone has a super hero, a role model they want to someday be able to look, sound and be like. Well, mine is Xena. She is everything I would want to be as a woman. She is cunning, sarcastic, sexy and a complete badass. Xena is a strong, determined, independent and clever woman who uses her strength to get through the obstacles and help people in need. Set in a mythological fantasy version of Ancient Greece, infamous princess warrior Xena has a dark history and sets out on a quest to seek redemption for her past sins. Somehow, the reasons why I adore greek mythology and strong women so much nowadays is because of that show (and the costumes,  gosh, have you seen the costumes?)

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20 female artists to die for

I love music, and lately, i’ve been having this melancholic mood so i’ve been listenning to really specific songs and playlists. Some female artists just have that tone, that voice and that vibe that gets to me whenever i’m in this type of mood. So today, i’m sharing with you 20 female artists i appreciate a lot. 1) Oum – Morocco 2) Asa – Nigeria 3) Iyeoka – Nigeria

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4 easy steps to induce people into thinking you’re a normal human being

Hey folks,

It’s been a while since I posted something this ‘serious’ (remember the 10 obvious signs you have the Cyrus syndrome ?) but a friend of mine told me recently that he was surprised when he got to know me because I looked normal until we talked more than 20 minutes, all my randomness cut him off guards. So let’s say this clearly: we are weird people living in a weird planet. No exceptions, it’s just on different levels and layers. We all have our problems, our struggles, our mental disorders, our flaws, our awkwardness, our fears… and yet, we live in a society where being weird (which is basically everyone’s case) is labelled as ‘weird’. I have a problem with the term ‘normal’ and ‘weird’, what’s normal ? and who gets to set the standard ? What’s weird when we look at our crazy universe ? People die, people kill, people yell, people break things, people drink too much, people smoke too much, people cry, people have babies, people do drugs, people have complexes, people hit other people, people bully each other, people go to war, people live in misery, people hate on people, people snap, people hold grudges, people lose their memory, people get sick, people make others feel sick, people are rude… and yet, we call the average human being, a ‘normal’ person. The normal person has problems, social and mental disorders to deal with, she just doesn’t show it. So when people say normal, i hear “someone who’s actually quite messed up and crazy as fuck who might actually kill your entire family and make a carpet out of your chest hair without feeling guilty but who has a skill that consists in being a hypocrite in all circumstances, not shocking anyone and being exactly what the society, people, religion and government wants him to be”. These people are usually the reason why other people suffer. And then you talk about potatoes three times in a serious conversation and people label you as crazy until the rest of your life.

Hassan Hajjaj photography

When it comes to me, I have no problem stating that I’m a weird ass person. I’m basically a freak. I once wished a teacher ‘happy new year’ instead of ‘have a good day’. Whenever I make eye contact, I smile awkwardly. I laugh in situations where laughing is just plain odd. I like jumping from topic to topic and reaching high levels of whatthefuckness. But, even with all this history of weirdness, I still manage to look quite normal most of the time. I don’t care if people think or know that I’m weird, but I wanted to write this article to answer the question. Here’s how you can look normal, while being a complete freak.

1) I state that I’m weird and awkward beforehand so that people prepare accordingly. There’s a study in psychology that says that crazy people don’t know they’re crazy, they live in denial ; so if they say ‘I’m crazy’, they’re immediately taken for normal people with no disorder whatsoever. So that’s my first tip, if you’re a freak, just saying it to people will make you look less freaky and more of a normal human being with some freaky behaviours. It’s not like lying or anything, but preparing people to your weirdness.

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Book review : The suns of Independance by Ahmadou Kourouma

I was recently looking for a book called “Allah is not obliged” by Ahmadou Kourouma, it’s on my ‘2015 to-read’ list and I wanted to get a hand over it. But the first book that I found from the same author was The suns of Independance, the title catched my curiosity, so I took it. The Suns of Independence, considered a masterpiece of modern African literature, enabled me to gain unique insight into African culture and conflicts. As an African myself, I feel like coming back to an old family house and getting to know its rooms. The Suns of Independence is a novel of early postcolonial Africa. The central character is Fama, the last chief of the once-powerful Dumbuya tribe that ruled over Horodougou (land of honor), an area that has now been divided between two newly independent fictional African states, the Ebony Coast (Ivory coast) and the Socialist Republic of Nikinai (Guinea). The real name of the countries are never written in the book, and I think it has been strategically shadowed so as to bring out the flaws of these nations that the author criticizes.

In keeping with its title, The Suns of Independence pays close attention to suns, skies, and weather. The struggle between the sun and the clouds almost turns them into characters in their own. I loved the description parts, but the use of colors “black” and “white” as metaphors to ‘good’ and ‘bad’ kind of upset me. Saying that “The Malinke people have souls blacker than their skins and words whiter than their teeth” seemed a little odd to me coming from an African author, I think that this connotation given to colors is what results from colonisation, Africans start seeing colors as a sign of good and bad which has nothing to do with the equation.

In a world turned upside-down, Fama had inherited an honour without the means to uphold it, like a headless snake.

Through Fama and Salimata, the husband and wife at the heart of this story, Kourouma conveys the confusion that torments many Africans when a traditional and a more materialistic culture collide. Alongside with tales and proverbs from the ancient Malinke traditions, the novel captures the struggles, desires, and dreams of a people in a West African country living through the tumultuous days of Independence.

Truly the suns of Independence are unsuited to great things; they have not only unmanned, but also unmagicked Africa.

It’s a strange tale. Fama, the protagonist, is a man clinging to the past honor of his family line, but also seeing the present degeneration and insignificance of his tribe in a brave new world. Alongside him is his wife Salimata: a beautiful woman longing for a child, yet haunted by her past of  female circumcision and rape. The book also deals with the complicated nature of spirituality in the West African experience. On the surface, the characters live the lives of good Muslims, praying and looking for Allah’s mercy. Yet when faced with desperate circumstances, the older pagan practices seep through, and we find the characters wondering whether the older paths of sorcery and fetishes might not hold more power over their daily lives.

“Traditional life was hard. Colonialism was harder. Independence is hardest of all.” This is the message that emerges from The Suns of Independence. Ultimately, this book is about the end of an age. About how things just can’t survive the upheavals of colonialism and independence. About how people and traditions can come through such changes as mere ghosts of themselves, in the sunlight of an unrecognizable world. Fatalistic ? Yes. But i read between the lines a lot of hope and love.

Please feel free to discuss the book (or the african struggle through independence) in the comment section down bellow, like and share.

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On Earth Day 2015

Yesterday was Earth Day, and i feel like this celebration can never come close to how many days should be dedicated to Earth. Our planet, and universe, deserve more demonstrations of love. There’s so many breath taking places around the planet, and i wish i’ll get the chance to one day visit all of them. It’s why we’re working so hard, isn’t it?


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