I love you, Casablanca

Casablanca is one of the cities that embodies an entire culture, an entire population. I hold a very close relationship with Casablanca, to me, it’s the materialization of the Moroccan psyche : white walls stained with dust and time, big shiny buildings near the maze of old medina streets and slums, never-ending traffic, trash almost… More I love you, Casablanca

That oriental vibe

I feel a deep bond with my oriental roots. Arabic, andalusian and other similar tribal vibes take me to a completely different dimension where i can be a nomad poet back in the days of the medieval Arab Empire. Just like Omar Khayam, i would write poems in the desert with a cup full of… More That oriental vibe

Moroccan Web Awards

Hey internet ! I recently applied for the 2016 Moroccan Web Awards for both Blogger Category and Article of the year, it has been a dream of mine to participate in this competition (and why not win it?) so i’m asking you all a big favor today which is to vote for me in this link http://marocwebawards.com/mwa9/living-simplyy/… More Moroccan Web Awards