Occult Symbols Podcast #6 – The Pentagram

The pentagram is one of the most powerful and persistent symbols in human history. But somehow, this symbol also has a very controversial reputation. By the end of this episode, you will know exactly where this bad rep comes from, and also, why my country, Morocco, has a pentagram on its flag. Isn’t that cool by the way?

Occult Symbols Podcast #5 – The Eye of Horus

The Eye of Horus has been described as the “Eye of the Mind”, the “Third eye”, the “eye of truth” and “the eye of God”. In today’s episode, I will share the mythology behind this ancient Egyptian symbol, its hidden esoteric meaning, its mathematical and magical use as well as some ways you can use it in your everyday life to add protection, clarity and guidance to your spiritual journey.

Inner Child Healing Guided Meditation | Deep Soul Forgiveness

This relaxing guided meditation will help you connect with, honor and awaken your Inner Child. After watching, you will be feeling calm and empowered with a brighter, more peaceful sense of self. The Inner Child is the part of us that often holds space for our vulnerability, innermost desires and needs. Honoring this part of you will allow you to unlock passion, creativity, fun and joy in your life; and reconnect with your true life purpose.

Occult symbols podcast #3 – The Yin Yang symbol

In this third episode of my Occult Symbols podcast, I will help you better understand the duality / oneness concepts this ancient symbol stands for, but also its historical origin, some of its practical examples in nature as well as why diving into the meaning of this symbol can actually help you better deal with pain, suffering and « things going wrong » in your life in general.

Occult symbols podcast #2 – The hidden meaning of AUM symbol – OM

The Aum, or Om, is a highly sacred symbol in the Dharmic faiths (Hinduism, Budhism, Sikhism…), and that many people use around the globe, often unaware of its occult meaning. In this second episode of my « Occult symbols » podcast, I’m sharing with you some of the secrets of the Aum symbol, not only as a visual representation, but also as a mantra, sound and concept.