From the ocean to the sky

« Si tu veux t’acheminer vers la paix définitive,

Souris au destin qui te frappe,

Et ne frappe personne. » Omar Khayyam

I had one of the hardest weeks so far in my short, but full, nineteen years of life. I just lost one of my best friends. Her name is Dilal, it means shadows in arabic, but she had nothing but light in her, nothing but pure cosmic energy, nothing but joy. Being with her almost every day made me forget how adorable and funny she is, it became so natural to always hear her voice and have her company. Now I miss her spontaneous laughter, her loud talking that I used to find annoying, her bright red lips, her “blonde” self who was always here to cheer anyone up and keep the moods on top. She was simply a bag of life. One of the reasons I’m holding on has to be faith, I know that somewhere, somehow, there’s a higher consciousness in the universe who knows the reason behind this sudden loss. Her life mission was probably to teach us lessons, about life, about death, about friendship, about love, about committment, about loyalty, about happiness, about surrendering to what simply is. I learned so much thanks to her and I can never thank her enough for that, I can only live up to what I learned and become the strongest version of me I can become, just like she wanted me to be, just like I wanted her to be, and she was. To stay gentle in a world so cruel is the most powerful sign of strength, and that’s who she was as a person. She had a smile that can take you places and melt any heart. She had galaxies in her eyes. Her life had a purpose, to bring souls closer, to make us meet her sister, her family, her best friends, and to be that source of inspiration to each one of us. Even after her death, she is still living for everyone else besides herself, she is so absolutely selfless in a world so selfish that her existence itself is an act of rebellion. The other reason I’m holding on is because I know that she was in peace, she died with nothing but peace and clarity on her mind and soul. She found herself in this world, and now she’s the birds she always adored and she’s flying, my beautiful bird, in different realms maybe, different universes. She went from being a fish to becoming a bird. I imagine her, so light that she travels to the moon and back in a matter of seconds, I imagine her still trolling me sometimes and laughing at the stupid jokes that I make, I imagine her happy, wherever she is, either she is or isn’t…

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How to suck at life and be an asshole 101

Hi there internet !

If assholes could fly, the world would be an airport. Today’s topic was inspired by all the lovely assholes that surround me each and every day with their neverending delight, knowledge and insight. So here’s a little guidebook to save yourself from being an abomination to planet earth. This, ladies and gentleman is how be an asshole.

1- Take your ideas for universal  truth.  I’m not even going to explain this point because i think that regular humans will understand what I’m talking about. Anyone who doesn’t respect other people’s beliefs, anyone who can’t discuss something without being an extremist in his ideas, anyone who think he’s just smarter and better because he has this belief system or because he read this or that book or because he thought of this idea… is without a single doubt the biggest jerk around. Yes, defending your beliefs is great, yes holding tight to your perception is a must in our ever-changing world, talking about your opinions and ideas is amazing… but respect, humility (real one), acceptance, humanity! are much-needed and should be the most basic thing we teach our kids and if we weren’t thought, that we teach ourselves.

2- Gossip about how bad you think people live their lives. If you want to help, anyone, anything, you can ask to talk to them, if they accept, you may give them your genuine and thoughtful opinion. If they think about what you told them, it’s a win for both of you. If they don’t, you will have to suck it up and accept the fact that you are not here on this planet to tell people how you think they should live their life. The only thing you are here for is to care for you, if anyone allows you to care for them, great, but if no one asks, then please, just stick to the flawed person you are. Don’t go around telling juicy stories about the people you know to others like a hollywood reporter, why would you become an open publicity spot ? The only reason you would do that is if you think the people you talk about are super stars, that the bad things they did should be on tabloids and that you’re that dumb guy who follows celebs to get pictures and probably will get a middle finger between two stolen shots ( they’re called paparazzis, right). Don’t you have like a life to talk about instead to be, or are your friends and ennemies the only interesting thing in your life ? How sad.

3- Say nothing constructive when people actually take their headphones away to hear you. When people put their headphones on, it’s usually because they’d rather listen to their great music than listen to, well, nothing much interesting going on. So if you actually get them to take their plugs for you, at least say something more important than their music. Actually, this applies to every life situation, if you ask for someone’s attention, better make it for a good reason. People have problems, struggles on their own, worries and anxieties… so if you keep asking people to give you some of their time or some of their energy and attention for nothing, you’ll lose them and they won’t give it to you when you actually need it. Make things count. Continue reading

“Morale, instinct”

“…L’humain n’est pas et ne peut être parfait, on ne peut donc lui demander de ne jamais pécher, mais on peut cependant lui inculquer le sens du devoir, de la responsabilité, l’esprit d’analyse, de réflexion, de discernement, le mettre à même s’auto critiquer constamment, s’auto construire par l’apprentissage continu qui passe par toutes les expériences de la vie, bonnes ou moins bonnes. L’essentiel n’étant pas de devenir un ange irréprochable -ce qui est d’ailleurs impossible, mais d’être un Homme, un vrai. Un Homme équilibré, un Homme de chair qui se trompe mais se corrige, un Homme d’esprit qui comprend, qui s’élève par l’âme au dessus des tentations matérielles tant que sa nature lui permet. Car au delà des discours moralisants, il y’a une réalité incontestable qui fait que l’homme est mu et conditionné plus par “l’appétence” -penchant naturel de l’homme à suivre ce qui répond à ses instincts, plus qu’il ne l’est par les discours bien trop moralisateurs qui l’ignorent ou le répriment. Il s’agit donc plus d’essayer de respecter, de créer parfois cet équilibre et cette harmonie entre le bien et le mal, entre l’homo sapiens et l’homme primitif, sa morale et ses instincts. Cela permettrait au religieux de dépasser sa schizophrénie, ses contradictions, ses doutes face à la religion, face à la science, face à la vie… Alors enfin, il fera la réconciliation avec le monde qui l’entoure et qui évolue à un rythme qui lui échappe…”

Khadija Mouakiti