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I recently applied for the 2016 Moroccan Web Awards for both Blogger Category and Article of the year, it has been a dream of mine to participate in this competition (and why not win it?) so i’m asking you all a big favor today which is to vote for me in this link
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8 random facts about Morocco

Hi beloved readers. So here i am again, with a new brief article about ten random facts about Morocco. If you would like to share your own list of random facts, discuss one fact in specific, or just share your opinion, feel free to do so in the comment section down below.


  1. Morocco is way more than just Marrakech on its own. And Marrakech is also way more than just the Medina and Souks alone. So for fucks sake, stop feeding the stereotypes we find when we type Morocco in Google: souks, riads and camels. No, i don’t go to the souk, no i don’t live in a riad nor in the medina (1% of the population of the country does) and no, i don’t go to school on a camel back.
  2. If you can be a human and traveller rather than a selfie stick tourist, maybe you won’t get annoyed by the Money Vampires. These people make you pay for their services, either you asked for the service in the first place, or not.
  3. We don’t communicate in Classical Arabic, we speak in the Darija dialect; and every city has its own accent. 
  4. You can’t leave the country without eating at least ten random dishes in the street. P.S : thank me later.
  5. The best cafés, pubs, galleries and interesting places than i visited here are really hidden. So look well, and ask for recommendations.
  6. Talk to locals, all ages and categories : they’re the soul of the city.
  7. You will get offered more tea than your belly can possibly handle, and everytime you will accept and drink. NEVER do you ever say no to tea (this is a Moroccan unspoken rule actually, break it and you’ll be cursed).
  8. There’s more cats in the street than you can possibly count. 

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“Let’s talk about sex, habibi” by Joumana Haddad

I love Joumana Haddad’s honnesty, she wrote the great book « Superman is arab » and is the founder of the very controversial Jasad Magazine (Body Magazine). Writing and fighting for secularism, human dignity, women’s rights and sexual freedom in the Arab world, she’s one of my favourite female arab authors. Here’s an article she wrote in a journal that I find very thought provoking and quite accurate on so many levels. She speaks about how sexuality is viewed by our Arabic language and most especially in Lebanon, but not only, it also applies in other Arab countries like Morocco. Read ahead and share with us your view on the topic in the comment section down bellow.

“Censor the body and you’d be simultaneously censoring breath and speech. Your body must be heard”- Helene Cixous

“There are countless names for the penis and for the vulva in the Arabic language. You would think our only problem is to decide which one to use. Well, think again. Our problem is that we do NOT use them. So much so that the majority of these words has become obsolete.

We are a culture of estrangement. Most lebanese would agree that whenever they discuss sexuality, whether orally or in writing, they feel much more comfortable doing it in French or in English. Many readers told me, when I first published Jasad Magazine: “You would have shocked people much less if it weren’t in Arabic.” Continue reading

Soukaina Fahsi & Tawada


12187672_1705371099695792_943398043323333324_nHey there internet friends, I recently discovered the music of a Moroccan band called Soukaina Fahsi & Tawada so i decided to share with you this special discovery on my blog. Soukaina, Mouad, Nabil and Tawefiq, the band members, first met in Tangier during the annual Jazz festival and officially created the group the 4th October 2015, the word “tawada” means travel in berber and is a good description of the soul of this music band. Their first concert ever was at “The other sides of Morocco chapter 9” at the villa Rabia in Casablanca, an event created by Amr Sabra from Egypt and Monika from Poland in the aim of promoting the moroccan culture : musicians, artists and storytellers gather to share their passion under the theme of the Moroccan lifestyle. Continue reading

Midnight philosophy part 4

Inclina cor Meum.
(Dieu, inclines mon cœur)


After the first” little midnight philosophy” article, the part 2 and 3, i would like to express myself again on some things. There are many simple things i enjoy on an every day basis, it goes from reading to looking at the infinite beauty of the sky. But there’s one thing that is especially unique in my opinion : taxis. Taxi fares in Morocco are quite cheap, ranging from 7 DH (0.8$) to 40 DH ( 5$) depending on the distance. My ride is usually around 10 DH and I use it almost every day, twice and sometimes even three. Yes, it can be boring, the driver can be a pain in the ass or a complete psychopath and the passengers may smell like dirty feet ; but usually, I meet some quite interesting drivers. The first thing anyone should know about Moroccan taxi drivers is that they’re critics, historians, doctors, engineers, social and urban critics, huge analysts, meteorologists, renowned scientists, funny comedians and stand up artists, philosophers, sometimes monks, spies, advocates… They’re utterly fascinating ! Of course, they’re not really scientists nor doctors, but since they get to meet 90% of Moroccan people on a daily basis, they became aware of the current moods and vibes, how people think, the hot topics, the different opinions and perceptions on national issues or events.. And because they get to talk to so many different faces, different backgrounds, different classes, they’re very open . The fact that the conversation usually lasts for a few minutes only doesn’t hinder the deepness of the thoughts or the reflexions, taxi drivers don’t small talk here, they just talk. And the short amount of time given to exchange thoughts and the Ephemere and anonymous aspect of it (everyone is a stranger in the end) creates even more intensity. The drivers are often great conversationalists too. Some speak complete non-sense and bullshit, some of them inspire me with their subtle wisdom and deep insight, but they’re always my first source of information when I like to know how the ‘mass’ is viewing a certain topic or a certain political happening…  And most of the times, they surprise me with advices, some pieces of inspiration, stories etc. Continue reading

From the ocean to the sky

« Si tu veux t’acheminer vers la paix définitive,

Souris au destin qui te frappe,

Et ne frappe personne. » Omar Khayyam

I had one of the hardest weeks so far in my short, but full, nineteen years of life. I just lost one of my best friends. Her name is Dilal, it means shadows in arabic, but she had nothing but light in her, nothing but pure cosmic energy, nothing but joy. Being with her almost every day made me forget how adorable and funny she is, it became so natural to always hear her voice and have her company. Now I miss her spontaneous laughter, her loud talking that I used to find annoying, her bright red lips, her “blonde” self who was always here to cheer anyone up and keep the moods on top. She was simply a bag of life. One of the reasons I’m holding on has to be faith, I know that somewhere, somehow, there’s a higher consciousness in the universe who knows the reason behind this sudden loss. Her life mission was probably to teach us lessons, about life, about death, about friendship, about love, about committment, about loyalty, about happiness, about surrendering to what simply is. I learned so much thanks to her and I can never thank her enough for that, I can only live up to what I learned and become the strongest version of me I can become, just like she wanted me to be, just like I wanted her to be, and she was. To stay gentle in a world so cruel is the most powerful sign of strength, and that’s who she was as a person. She had a smile that can take you places and melt any heart. She had galaxies in her eyes. Her life had a purpose, to bring souls closer, to make us meet her sister, her family, her best friends, and to be that source of inspiration to each one of us. Even after her death, she is still living for everyone else besides herself, she is so absolutely selfless in a world so selfish that her existence itself is an act of rebellion. The other reason I’m holding on is because I know that she was in peace, she died with nothing but peace and clarity on her mind and soul. She found herself in this world, and now she’s the birds she always adored and she’s flying, my beautiful bird, in different realms maybe, different universes. She went from being a fish to becoming a bird. I imagine her, so light that she travels to the moon and back in a matter of seconds, I imagine her still trolling me sometimes and laughing at the stupid jokes that I make, I imagine her happy, wherever she is, either she is or isn’t…

Continue reading