That oriental vibe

I feel a deep bond with my oriental roots. Arabic, andalusian and other similar tribal vibes take me to a completely different dimension where i can be a nomad poet back in the days of the medieval Arab Empire. Just like Omar Khayam, i would write poems in the desert with a cup full of … More That oriental vibe

Moroccan Web Awards

Hey internet ! I recently applied for the 2016 Moroccan Web Awards for both Blogger Category and Article of the year, it has been a dream of mine to participate in this competition (and why not win it?) so i’m asking you all a big favor today which is to vote for me in this link … More Moroccan Web Awards

“Let’s talk about sex, habibi” by Joumana Haddad

I love Joumana Haddad’s honnesty, she wrote the great book « Superman is arab » and is the founder of the very controversial Jasad Magazine (Body Magazine). Writing and fighting for secularism, human dignity, women’s rights and sexual freedom in the Arab world, she’s one of my favourite female arab authors. Here’s an article she wrote in … More “Let’s talk about sex, habibi” by Joumana Haddad