About me !


My name is Fatii Zahra Farahate, a 20 years old Moroccan dreamer and life enthusiast! I enjoy all what life has to offer,  I have an endless bucket list and wish to fulfill my life’s purpose: serve others, the universe, God, human consciousness and myself. I want to transcend, to seek, to get lost, to find, to try, to live, to dream, to work hard, to fail and to work even harder… I basically just want to experience my presence on Earth to the fullest. To keep on evolving and growing stronger, wiser, more resourceful each day is what gives me daily motivation. Life is an ongoing quest, a bumpy ride that i’m more than willing to grasp with both hands. I’m a very methodic and detail-oriented person, i wish i will someday become an Art & Design professor, or work in a field that will combine the three things i enjoy doing the most : Analysis – Arts – Teaching/Learning.

To get in touch with me for projects, requests, special features or just to talk to someone if you’re lonely, here’s my e-mail: fz.farahate@gmail.com

With love, FZ


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