A conversation with photographer Victor Habchy

Today, i’d like to share with you one of the photographers i admire the most: Victor Habchy. French-based photographer, he defines himself as a 25 years old boy exploring life and always open to new discoveries. Well, his work is a discovery on its own, and he keeps on showing so much passion for life and photography that i can’t stop saying how much of an honor it is to have him featured on my blog today. He answered all my questions with a genuine interest and sincerity, i’m thankful for that.
The first photo series i saw of Victor completely fascinated me, it was his Burning Man Festival serie. The light, the colors, everything about the photographies compelled to me. Victor Habchy, unlike other photographers, captured the essence and serendipity of the subjects rather than the form, almost like a vision extremely vivid, yet full of illusions. Each picture is a scene from an imaginatorium that reminded me of the universe of Alice in Wonderland or The Boy with the Cuckoo-Clock Heart. His images, no matter what bell they ring inside of us, wake our inner child and throws us in a world full of symbols, abstraction and creation where we are the ones deciding what to see and understand.

A book, a song, a movie, a city ?

It’s hard to choose so I’ll pick from my today’s discoveries:  Last book I’ve read that I found amazing was the “Tolteque agreement”, music is a French beatmaker called “Mofak”, movie was “Toni Erdmann” and I am currently on the train back from Marseille, which is a city in the south of France I loved.
Your inspirations as an artist ?
I think it’s mostly the human in all the very different shape and influence in the world. Human is the heart of my work, and likely the heart of my life.
What message are you trying to convey through your photography ? 
It sometimes hard to talk about message. I don’t feel like there is always a very clear goal when I do a photograph or a series. I just want to inspire people, share a personal emotion. I want to feel something myself, and to have the pleasure to see the others feel the same. Of course, everything you show has a political or social perspective, but it is really up to my audience to take their own conclusion.
I believe Art has the power to change a lot of thing in our lives. Art is a string that links reality and emotion, and historically speaking, many big turn were made from emotional decision. Rationality has to my opinion very few to do with the evolution of humanity.
If you could give your younger self an advice, what would it be ?
I love this question! I am actually asking it to many older people when I meet them. I hope to never meet a younger self, because I think all the mistakes I’ve done were actually good for my own development. Even the tougher one. I watched a TED talk were a cancer survivor tell that the best thing which happen to her life was her tumor, because it changes her life perspective. I am not saying we should all suffer or that’s it’s a great news to become sick, but I do believe in every tough changes, there is always a brighter part.
You don’t help people by making their life easier, you help them by offering them to learn. You know the quote : “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”. I’d better give an advice to my future self : stay true to who you are, and enjoy the trip!
Any final words ?

Do mistake over and over, repeat. Learn, share, build.In a word, just : do.  

With Love,



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