Woman inspiration of the day : My face my Canvas

Today’s post is about one of the closest friends i have, i met her 7 years ago, and she was and still is one of the closest people to my heart no matter the distance between us sometimes. Nadia, also known as “My face my canvas”, is a young Moroccan self thought Make Up Artist who likes to use make up as paint and brushes, and her face as an artistic medium. Brilliant science student, passionate bookworm, cultivated geek, motivated feminist and Human Rights activist, she was always a huge inspiration to me. Nadia is one of the few people i know who truly believes and embraces natural beauty, effortlessness, almost a tomboyish vibe. But when she has her make up on, she turns into a true diva, embodying the character she’s creating. Here’s some of her amazing work, to discover more of her, make sure you follow her instagram and Facebook page.

Cher inspired Make Up


Drake inspired Make Up
1) When did you start Make Up Art and why ?
I got some money after graduating high school, i went to shop for some cute korean makeup just because the package was aborable, not really to put it on my face. The painting process was so fun that i found myself hooked over makeup ever since.
2) Who are your biggest inspirations ?
To be honest, I got inspired by many different makeup artists from all kind of ethnecities , but what inspired me the most is the Gay Drag culture, I was shocked and amazed how people can switch genders so quickly with some make up, sass and a wig on ! I loved how other people would get offended by some paint , I loved how they would spend time and energy putting their looks all together but at the end of the day, pulling off that non-chalant attitude. The most famous drag queen on the scene, Charles Rupaul, once said: “You can be who ever the hell you wanna be, as long as you don’t hurt other people.”



3) You send positive messages throughout make up art. Do you believe that make up can convey opinions and create change ?
 Well makeup is another form of art, just like Keith Haring chose to portray his concerns about aids and social constructs through his artworks, I got the idea of portraying my concerns through my canvas, which is my face of course! No seriously, I just love how people get offended by it.
4) What have you learned from this experience so far ?
I’ve learned that people take make up too personally, they can judge you and give you certain etiquettes according to the style of some paint on your face. Make up taught me self acceptance too! I mean if you can’ accept my smashed bare face, then you don’t deserve to see my beautiful painted face, honey.
5) Any beauty/make up tips or advice for us ?
Confidence ! When you accept yourself for who you are and channel your inner diva attitude, you don’t need any beauty tips to enhance your appearence, because no one can stop you darling 🙌
6) A book, movie, food and place of the moment ?
I’m currently reading “My struggle” by Adolf Hitler. Mom highly requested it, her opinion about it was :“well you should know what the biggest murderer of the history has to say, during the time when an entire nation was slaughtered”. Movie: Paris is burning, i’ve seen it this morning, they talk about the marginalized black gay community in New York during the 90’s. Food: chocolate and coffee all the way (and a stomach ulcer too, but it was worth it). Favorite place: anywhere, as long as I get to be by myself 80% of the time.
With love,

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