8 random facts about Morocco

Hi beloved readers. So here i am again, with a new brief article about ten random facts about Morocco. If you would like to share your own list of random facts, discuss one fact in specific, or just share your opinion, feel free to do so in the comment section down below.


  1. Morocco is way more than just Marrakech on its own. And Marrakech is also way more than just the Medina and Souks alone. So for fucks sake, stop feeding the stereotypes we find when we type Morocco in Google: souks, riads and camels. No, i don’t go to the souk, no i don’t live in a riad nor in the medina (1% of the population of the country does) and no, i don’t go to school on a camel back.
  2. If you can be a human and traveller rather than a selfie stick tourist, maybe you won’t get annoyed by the Money Vampires. These people make you pay for their services, either you asked for the service in the first place, or not.
  3. We don’t communicate in Classical Arabic, we speak in the Darija dialect; and every city has its own accent. 
  4. You can’t leave the country without eating at least ten random dishes in the street. P.S : thank me later.
  5. The best cafés, pubs, galleries and interesting places than i visited here are really hidden. So look well, and ask for recommendations.
  6. Talk to locals, all ages and categories : they’re the soul of the city.
  7. You will get offered more tea than your belly can possibly handle, and everytime you will accept and drink. NEVER do you ever say no to tea (this is a Moroccan unspoken rule actually, break it and you’ll be cursed).
  8. There’s more cats in the street than you can possibly count. 

Peace out,



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