Soukaina Fahsi & Tawada


12187672_1705371099695792_943398043323333324_nHey there internet friends, I recently discovered the music of a Moroccan band called Soukaina Fahsi & Tawada so i decided to share with you this special discovery on my blog. Soukaina, Mouad, Nabil and Tawefiq, the band members, first met in Tangier during the annual Jazz festival and officially created the group the 4th October 2015, the word “tawada” means travel in berber and is a good description of the soul of this music band. Their first concert ever was at “The other sides of Morocco chapter 9” at the villa Rabia in Casablanca, an event created by Amr Sabra from Egypt and Monika from Poland in the aim of promoting the moroccan culture : musicians, artists and storytellers gather to share their passion under the theme of the Moroccan lifestyle.


These four different artists gave life to a music whose vibes and rythms travel from continent to continent, and whose lyrics only have one source : the heart. Their inspiration varies from world music to soul, reggae, blues rock, bossa nova, rumba, gharnati, malhoun…


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