Midnight philosophy part 4

Inclina cor Meum.
(Dieu, inclines mon cœur)


After the first” little midnight philosophy” article, the part 2 and 3, i would like to express myself again on some things. There are many simple things i enjoy on an every day basis, it goes from reading to looking at the infinite beauty of the sky. But there’s one thing that is especially unique in my opinion : taxis. Taxi fares in Morocco are quite cheap, ranging from 7 DH (0.8$) to 40 DH ( 5$) depending on the distance. My ride is usually around 10 DH and I use it almost every day, twice and sometimes even three. Yes, it can be boring, the driver can be a pain in the ass or a complete psychopath and the passengers may smell like dirty feet ; but usually, I meet some quite interesting drivers. The first thing anyone should know about Moroccan taxi drivers is that they’re critics, historians, doctors, engineers, social and urban critics, huge analysts, meteorologists, renowned scientists, funny comedians and stand up artists, philosophers, sometimes monks, spies, advocates… They’re utterly fascinating ! Of course, they’re not really scientists nor doctors, but since they get to meet 90% of Moroccan people on a daily basis, they became aware of the current moods and vibes, how people think, the hot topics, the different opinions and perceptions on national issues or events.. And because they get to talk to so many different faces, different backgrounds, different classes, they’re very open . The fact that the conversation usually lasts for a few minutes only doesn’t hinder the deepness of the thoughts or the reflexions, taxi drivers don’t small talk here, they just talk. And the short amount of time given to exchange thoughts and the Ephemere and anonymous aspect of it (everyone is a stranger in the end) creates even more intensity. The drivers are often great conversationalists too. Some speak complete non-sense and bullshit, some of them inspire me with their subtle wisdom and deep insight, but they’re always my first source of information when I like to know how the ‘mass’ is viewing a certain topic or a certain political happening…  And most of the times, they surprise me with advices, some pieces of inspiration, stories etc.

Sometimes, it’s not even the taxi driver who catches my attention, but the passengers. Just today on my way back home, an old man in the front was talking about the concept of ignorance. He stopped at a neighbourhood called Saada (Happiness). He explained why, in his opinion, no one is utterly ignorant unless he has been surrounded by ignorance and raised by ignorants himself, but also: surrendered himself to this ignorance. In each sinner, there’s the potential of the greatest saint. To escape unawareness, one has to put it on mute. The person doesn’t realize that to grow out of it, they need to create another reality for themselves and start looking for wisdom, knowledge, kindness…elsewhere! To start looking for it in a place filled with ignorance is as ridiculous and vain as looking for happiness in the same place we lost it. And he said right, he reminded me of a proverb that says that “The greatest of faults is to be conscious of none”, and I can’t agree more. When we start acknowledging things, ideas, situations, habits etc, we are allowing ourselves to be transformed, we allow ourselves to grow, to change!  The stranger added before he paid his fare that there’s only two possible paths in this earth : being good, or being bad. When we’re a good person, only good things come our way in the end, and when we are bad, well, we should be ready for the consequences and all the wickedness that’s gonna come back our way.  I may or may not agree with him, but it’s really an interesting thought. If I had to say it the way I comprehend it, I would say that indeed, one can only do two things in this life: to create, or to destroy. And creating means that our creations, at some point, are gonna start creating things on their own and fill us with even more creations (in other terms :more strenght, more happiness and so on).  And to destroy means that everything we destroyed is gonna try to destroy us back : people, our own mind, our emotions, nature, our dreams, other’s dreams …

I’m gonna leave this topic here for today, I felt like an urgent need to write today, so I did it, no matter how short it is. It makes me feel happy since I’ve been having a lot of trouble writing something coherent lately. It’s a reflection of my thoughts maybe, always a factory of ideas, but this month the factory is probably being attacked by aliens and sold to the king of the pengouins of Asia… Anyways, what are your thoughts and experiences with cabs and taxi drivers in Morocco or in your home country ? Feel free to comment, like and share.

Peace out



2 thoughts on “Midnight philosophy part 4

  1. Laticia says:

    Hi man.Great story!!! I just going there in January and trying to find out information about real difficulty, is it possible to choose any less hard directions, I being snrnwoaodibg for three years from now. ThanksLuka

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