Midnight philosophy p.3

Hey folks, it’s past 3 am in the morning and again, I think that this time is the time of all things beautiful and creative. My mind is never as active as in this early morning hours, too bad our daily routines throughout the year sometimes makes me miss all what comes to life at night. But it’s summer now, so I can catch up with my late night thoughts, moods, ideas…

Here’s a quick music break, the album Pinkerton of Weezer that was released in the year I was born, 1996. Yes i know, I’m a baby, such a blessed baby. A baby who’s turning 19 in less than a month, the 13th of September to be exact, and I can’t be more excited. I’m happy about what I accomplished so far, how I’m growing up each and single day, I’m satisfied with the little but fulfilling things I have in life. I know what I want to do next, I have plans and goals, I’m working harder than ever to achieve them, I’m wiser than I was yesterday and I’m still trying the best I can. It’s not always easy, I’m not always smiling, I get mad many times, I get angry and sad, I feel pain, I fail horribly at things other people have access to easily –without even trying, I lose my motivation sometimes, lazy procrastinator is my middle name, I’m very selfish… But what can I do? It’s a part of the process! The fact that I figured my life purpose this early and embracing step by step my true nature -the spiritual nature of all beings, means that I will work towards changing and transacting these flaws in me, these mistakes, these wrongs and seasonal stupidity into strength that will help me serve my inner quest. I am here to grow, and everyone, everything helps me accomplish this evolution. I would love to thank everyone for this. I thanked the people around me, God, the universe… a lot lately (nearly not as much as I should that’s for sure), but I think I’m forgetting one essential person: myself! Thanks for trying, I am proud of you and all the efforts you gave today (and all the days before), even if they didn’t necessarily pay, they were enough because you gave all you possibly could. So don’t worry about what you could’ve done or what other reality you would have created by chosing a different path or saying one different word. You did exactly what is meant to be. The day is over now, you can chill and relax for a while; you have the rest of your life in front of you to live, to succeed, to love, to laugh, to win, to achieve, to finalize what you started, to reach, to strive, to heal your wounds, to grow, to make decisions, to be yourself ! Today, you will empty your bucket of worries and drink from the flask of satisfaction. And you will allow your soul to float, to be so light it will travel across the universe and above… and you will bless the world as it blesses you.

With love and tenderness,



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