The Sunshine Blogger Awards

sunshine-blogger-award-300x300Hey folks, I hope you guys are doing well. I recently have been nominated for the Sunshine blogger award by the lovely Natasha, and I can’t be happier. I never heard of this award, but it’s a great initiative that aims towards encouraging bloggers who are trying to inspire people out there, and at the same time to build a connection between them as there’s a rule of ‘being nominated and nominating back’. Taking and giving.  Anyways, I’m thrilled, and I’m very thankful to Natasha, her blog is quite lovely actually, full of beautiful words coming from the heart, make sure to check her out at this link. 

The rules of this awards are simple :

* Thank the person who nominated you.
* Answer the questions from the person who has nominated you.
* Nominate some other bloggers for this award.
* Write the same amount of questions for the bloggers you have nominated.
* Notify the bloggers you have nominated.

My answers : 

1. What is the one thing you want your readers to take from your writings? If i could translate one thing throughout my writings, it would be the genuine thoughts and words.I try, using this way of expression and many others like arts, to send a positive and optimistic outlook on life. I’m very optimistic and if I could share one thing with people around me, it would be my perception on the world. I’m not an idealist, I see what’s wrong and what’s hurt and broken in us and our planet, I acknowledge it and talk about it, but at the same time, I don’t let these images hinder my evolution as a person. “Water can’t get inside, unless the boat is broken”

2. What is one thing you can NOT live without? I absolutely can’t live without music. One of the best things I experience is to come across or be recommended a song, an artist or an album and realize how much it fits my current mood or position in life. Music is a medicine for the soul. With the right music, we can forget everything or remember everything.

3. Here’s your chance. You get to meet one person in the entire world, who is it? If I could meet one person in the entire world, it would definitely be Ben Howard, he’s my all time favourite artist, and my man crush. The reason behind my crush isn’t his looks (even if I have many celebrity man crushes who I like because of their looks, ain’t nothing wrong with that), but his voice, his charm, the way he speaks, his lovely accent, his amazing lifestyle, his calm melancholia… He is an artist, a true one. I just love the person he is, the genuine vibes he shares with the world throughout his music simply by being him, and how down to earth he is at the same time. To me, Ben Howard is a living God.

4. Why did you start your blog? I started a blog because I was really shy in my childhood, and growing up, I became more outgoing and could even be taken for a very extroverted person, but even if I have little to no problem socializing with many people and even find it energizing, I find it very hard to trust someone with my emotions and secret thoughts. I always kept journals, and I still do, and one decision I decided to make was to have an online blog where I can share some of my thoughts with other people and why not connect with like-minded people. It was an amazing experience ever since.

5. What’s something you could do everyday if you could? I grew up in a small beach town in Morocco called Mohammedia, but I moved few years ago to Marrakech, and i love it here, but the one thing I highly miss every single second of my time here is the atlantic ocean. If I could, i would hit the beach, surf, tan, stroll, exercise, watch the sunset and sunrise, read, sleep…  daily. There’s something about the ocean’s energy that makes me feel at home, complete, one!

6. What do you hope to do in a year that you are not capable of right now? I actually have no idea what I will be able to do in a year, the sky is the limit. All I know is that i grow stronger and stronger every day:physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually; every day that passes by I try to get away from what is slowing my evolution and progress. So in a year of time, you’ll be surprised how many new things I’ll be capable of doing. Just stay in tune!

My nominates : 

1) Chelsea from

2) Swetank Raj from

3) Ken from

4) Sheila Renee Parker from

5) Paul Keefe from

My questions to my nominates : 

1) How would you define happiness ? And do you see yourself as a happy person ?

2) What is the purpose behind writing and creating your blog ?

3) If you could share one piece of advice with everyone in the planet, what would it be ?

4) What’s the most valuable lesson you learned this year ?

5) What are your goals for this end of 2015 ?

With love,


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