My 2015 summer bucketlist

Hey folks ! If you enjoyed last year’s bucketlist post, I have another one just for you this summer. It’s a new year, therefore, there are new and exciting goals on my bucketlist. Without any further delay, here are the 50 things I want to do this summer :

Renee Bargh

1) Watch 7 tv shows

2) Finish writing my book

3) Have someone special read it exclusively and tell me what they think

4) Create a giant painting

5) Work free-lance

6) Learn C++ language

7) Volunteer at an association/ngo

8) Read 23 books

9) Get the six packs i always dreamed of (4 to go)

10) Astral project

11) Do more lucid dreams

12) Go to the Oasis festival

13) Learn the Runic alphabet

14) Visit the Croco Park of Agadir and touch a real crocodile

15) Make a perfect soufflé

16) Create a new and original cupcake recipe

17) Wear fake eyelashes for once

18) Sleep on the beach at night

19) Eat a cake without using my hands

20) Go wine testing

21) Play in a bouncy castle

22) Visit an artist’s residency

23) Visit the Atlas mountains

24) Complete the design of my portfolio

25) Buy a domain for this blog so I can start monetizing it

26) Hug a celebrity or someone I highly look up to instead of taking a selfie

27) Read the three books of Ayurveda

28) Have a Rekei massage to open my chakras

29) Add lace to a top or shorts

30) Go to a place I’ve never visited before

31) Visit the 7 saints of Marrakech

32) Kiss a ginger (actually, this is on my bucketlist since i was 5 or 6, but God it’s difficult finding a ginger around me, and kissing them is ten times harder, but I’ll keep on trying. I’m sure the doors of Valhala will open up at the moment we’ll collide. joke)

33) Have a summer romance

34) Go back and visit my old elementary school (Jacques Hersent, Mohammedia city)

35) Cook for a family meeting

36) Have one of my articles published in a local journal

37) Have the honor to interview an inspiring photographer or illustrator (if it’s Spencer Tunick, Victor Habchy or Balaskas I will flip)

38) Get stronger on my spiritual quest

39) Surf at Anchor Point

40) Lose fat, gain muscles.

That is all for now folks, but I certainly have tons of other things on my bucketlist, but I don’t especially feel the urge the write them down on my blog. However, feel free to comment, like and share and most importantly tell us what are your goals for this summer 2015.

Peace out,



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