Things i’m grateful for this month

If we woke up someday with just the things we were thankful for the day before, i think most of us would wake up with nothing, or wouldn’t wake up at all. Today’s post is just a small shout out to God, he’s just awesome. Don’t you know him ? Okay, let’s call it universe. So today, I am thankful for :

  • All the love i’m getting from the universe, all the support, all the help, all the smiles, all the good encounters, all the luck, all the possibilites…

  • My amazing health that still functions even with all the miseries i make my body go through on a daily basis, i’m almost an experiment on how much sleep deprivation, junk eating and weird molecules can affect human beings. But so far, so good. I do sports, so that keeps me safe.

  • Studying what i love (graphic design) in a one of a kind art school in Morocco, ESAVM.

  • The amazing, inspiring people I meet on a daily basis, I’m blessed to have incredible friends and to be surrounded by amazing people with whom I learn continuously.

  • All the deep conversations I have with beautiful souls, it changes from the usual bullshit.

  • Discovering new songs at exactly the right time.

  • The two weeks I’m currently spending in my bed, eating and having great fun. I just love holidays!

  • The delicious recipes my mom cooks just for me even if I’m a total asshole. I’m just happy to have her with me. Happy mother’s day mama !

  • This big ass experience called life, to be a part of this universe, at exactly this time and place, is simply amazing, don’t you think ?

What are you grateful for today ?

With love,



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