Xena and female role model


Do you remember how campy and wonderful Xena: Warrior Princess was? It’s one of my favorite tv shows of the 90s. Xena is without any doubt the strongest female character i know and I can even say that she’s my biggest female role model of ALL TIME. Everyone has a super hero, a role model they want to someday be able to look, sound and be like. Well, mine is Xena. She is everything I would want to be as a woman. She is cunning, sarcastic, sexy and a complete badass. Xena is a strong, determined, independent and clever woman who uses her strength to get through the obstacles and help people in need. Set in a mythological fantasy version of Ancient Greece, infamous princess warrior Xena has a dark history and sets out on a quest to seek redemption for her past sins. Somehow, the reasons why I adore greek mythology and strong women so much nowadays is because of that show (and the costumes,  gosh, have you seen the costumes?)



Along the way, she becomes friends with blonde girl Gabrielle and together they journey the ancient world and fight for the greater good against ruthless warlords, witches and gods. Gabrielle and Xena always had a ‘tense’ relationship and no one really knows if the girls were in love with each other, together or just friends, but I really shipped them. Gabrielle annoyed the hell out of me, I have to admit this, but I kind of liked her at the same time. She is loyal, cheerful, clumsy and extremely funny. Yes, she was quite weak at first, and Xena is the reason why she survived the 7 seasons, but as the show went by, she got stronger and stronger, and we had the chance to see this evolution. What made the show even greater is this two character combination: a weak and naive blondie and a strong brunette badass. They’re just perfect together, and each one of them is strong in her own way I have to say. It’s like the ying and yang, they complement each other and when i look at them, i see the different sides of my own personnality: the weak, the naive, the sensitive, the cheerful… and then, the dark, the strong, the powerful side.The two characters both make it throught the 7 seasons (well, well, no spoils, i said throught), so they have to be equally strong. I remember how everyone shipped Gabrielle and Xena as a couple before we even knew about the LGBT community because their relationship was just pure love, how can someone hate on that ? The only person that could compete with Gabrielle to me was Hercules. Let me tell you about the day the show directors decided to mix the two tv shows Hercules and Xena together… It’s just magical, I remember waiting for those spin-off episodes where the two series meet like if I was waiting for Jesus to come and take me to heaven. I was such a fan-girl… and still am. I decided to re-watch the series again in streaming to bring back some good old memories. It never gets boring.


After the first three, even four seasons, the show started lacking that fierce power of it, but no matter what, I can’t deny that this show really marked me as an individual. It changed the way I see strength and women. Just seeing the intro gives me goosebumps every.single.time. I just have the biggest crush on Xena, that is all there is to say. I feel like it’s the person all girls are longing to be: strong, capable of going through horrible events with sass, class and a whole lot of ass! If you want to know more about the symbolism of the show and the character of Xena, here’s a link to an interesting analytic article on Whoosh.

With love,



One thought on “Xena and female role model

  1. Nelly says:

    Ah, ah ! je suis RA-VIE ! Xena !!! Si je m’attendais à la retrouver ici. Tu es vraiment pleine de surprises !
    Quant au costume, il est évident que c’est celui que je voudrais porter à un bal masqué.

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