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Hi there internet,

I just met the incredible Abdellah Taia, to whom i consecrated an article this year about his book Salvation Army. And gosh i’m happy, i’m like extremely pleased of my weekend. Had a quite interesting Friday night, speed and all, and now meeting one writer i admire. Tonight, i’m sharing some pictures with you that i think are just gorgeous when it comes to home deco and interior design. I already published a post last year about inspiring Moroccan Deco, but there’s so much beauty around us and it recently inspired me to redecorate my room completely. So if you’re looking for some inspiration, here’s some pictures. Hope you enjoy it.

0e7144a179ce81031eac1958eebc0559 2bbf25a15cc5f58b4e1e9635d4db3694 6c1f6bb3a59c9ea5900e5fffe72eb5bd 7b31f3aaf34a58ab93ac8185db0954e1 IMG_6138 da08883738a5f3f61935e6bb7a548673 8406343286_0e3fa01e3a_b

56fdf518817f6c624281abdf172458c9a5b40c6f9a7b772becd7af35686ff568 0687c66d429a3da01df431103d7de21b 612a134d004c11b07a7280098c5b34b3 b88169b923eb18a24452fa24ae3c2f15 b1749da329f9a2e561fe8beb36a91d40 fb95e755262f476fc9369e43e79512a4 b9d9c47f85acbd26177acb871bd277b1 d9d0d7c01048090694194b7577d03ce8

bd26973372c420040d3d4db386533fd4 Celine-inspired-skateboard-via-fashionsquad 96c465a532ce07b59c4a10da96e8acbc 0467f8c39b922270b57db0bc56f794b2

With love,



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