10 amazing digital artists and illustrators you should check out asap

Hi there, today I’m sharing with you some very talented artists and illustrators whose work really inspires me. Most of them are into animation, digital art and comics, but there’s such a huge variety in their work and techniques. Their work takes me to a different world each time and that’s what I think illustration is all about: creating a different reality, either it’s a post chaotic and apocalyptic future like the chinese digital artist Wang Ling or a girly and naive break from reality like the beautiful work of Natalie Foss or Richard Ferez. Sometimes, it’s not a different reality, just a lecture of it, like the satirical illustrations of Pawel Kuczynski. Either ways, art here meets all its nobel purposes: give to the viewer the chance to imagine, to think, to go beyond the image, to dive deeper into the symbolism of things. I inserted links to all the personnal blogs or DevianArt accounts of the artists so you can check them out. I hope you enjoy.

1) Wang Ling 

2) Izzy Medrano 

3) Jorge Molina Manzanero

4) Paweł Kuczynski

5) Natalie Foss

6) Thomas Pitilli

7) Richard Perez

8) Yap Wee Lim

9) David Combet



10) Lauren O’Neill

With love,



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