10 music festivals on my to-go list

Hey friends, today’s post is about some of the festivals i can’t wait to attend one day. The spirit of festivals in general, especially music festivals, just has some things that keep on inspiring me every time: music, people gathering together, good vibes, arts, adrenaline, nomadism, human interaction, fun… and so much more. Take it from me, as soon as i can, i’ll run errand around the globe, from festival to festival, from convention to event… without worrying about a ‘stable’ place to sleep at nor the stability of a conventional job and lifestyle. Anyhow, here’s the list of some of my favourite festivals, feel free to like, comment and share your favourite music festivals as well.

1) Green Man Fest (Wales)

Green Man mountain stage
Green man festival

2) Burning man (USA) :

Picture by Trey Ratcliff
The Great Head
Credit : Victor Habchy

3) Holi Festival of colors (India)

Holi fest
Holi Fest
Holi Fest

4) Afrikaburn (South Africa)


5) MTN Bush fire (Swaziland)

6) Lightning in a bottle LIB (USA) :


7) Soundwave Festival (Australia)

Soundwave festival
Soundwave crowd

8) Wacken Open Air ( )

9) Dimensions festival (Fort Punta Christo, Europe)

Dimensions beach party by Marc Sethi
Dimensions concert

10) TranSahara (Morocco)


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