“We are all Charlie Hebdo” my thoughts-rant on this morning’sa event

Hi there internet community.

What happened today in Paris is horrible and chocking: terrorists belonging to the AlQaida group killed 12 journalists from the Charlie Hebdo journal ‘in the name of Islam’ after some satiric drawing were published .

I love religion. Religion and spirituality are on the top of my interest list. But anyone trying to use Religion so as to commit such crimes against humanity gets me raging. It’s unbelievable how Radical Islamists managed to turn the world upside down over the past years, and especially these last months. Alqaida, ISIS, the attacks in Sydney, Beiruth, London, Marrakech… and now Paris. Assholes will be assholes no matter what, and murderers will be murderers no matter what belief system they decide to hide behind. I firmly believe that the world current event are leading us to a 3rd World War and the two sides of it are going to be 1) cave men/terrorists and 2) freedom fighters and people seeking the future rather than going back to stone age. Not even going back, these terrorists that are now active all over the world, especially the Middle East and Africa, are trying to take over the world. I can’t help laughing at this because in the end, they’re just deranged psycho killers who think their vision of life is the ONLY vision possible, like little kids. They’re so ‘caring, loving, good and altruistic’ they want everyone to go to their heaven, of course by killing everyone who doesn’t want to. Islam is a religion really close to my heart, it resonates inside me and i feel broken-hearted seeing how people can take something supposed to be a spiritual quest and turn it into an international war and a quest of power and domination.

The saddest thing is that, us, ‘real’ muslims (saying real is kind of funny since these terrorists think their Islam is real too, but you understand my point: real here means we believe in something, not share the terrorists megalomania psycho disorders) feel like targets now, we feel like we must create excuses and defend ourselves for God knows what reason. I won’t defend myself because I’m not responsible for any of the things going on, nor Islam. I’ll just show my support and get active talking about, covering and fighting this crimes. If a criminal shoots someone, it’s not the gun that should be sent to court but the criminal because the guy is the only person responsable for his act, he’s the one to blame. If he hides behind the gun when the cops show up screaming “it’s what the gun wanted me to do” and the cops believe him and arrest the gun… Well you got the point: islamophobia isn’t the answer. My take on things is Terroristphobia, not just the muslim ones by the way: everyone trying to censor my right to talk, to dominate the world with his vision of it, to shut down all forms of democracy, to limit my freedom… is a terrorist. Freedom is the most important thing out there, and unfortunately, our generation is still facing narrow-minded people who challenge our first primordial right: FREEDOM. Call me an anarchist, a dreamer, whatever you want. But whoever tries owning people’s freedom is the public enemy n1, committing a crime against the entire humanity.

There’s a hashtag called #jesuischarlie or #imcharlie that supports the speech freedom and aims to stop this terrorist fucked up madness going on ; and i so damn embrace it. I’m not even just Charlie, or Franck or whoever it is, I’m a human being, and i get to choose for myself, no one has the right to steal my freedom nor even question it. I’m a freedom activist and the attack of this morning really filled me up with disgust and the desire to fight stronger so that one day, this circus ends and people no matter worry about being killed if they don’t think a certain way or say something that someone sees as offensive. So that little girls no matter get raped and banished from school ‘in the name of Islam’, so that the LGBT community no matter gets attacked ‘in the name of christianity’, so that people can live free. Really.

 I chose not to talk about many events going on that are pretty messed up, but enough is enough. I am free, we are free and I’ll fight hard for it, i hope everyone around has this same ambition of fighting non-stop to reach freedom. If this means being shot by some Alqaida men who think they can kill people, live in the extreme, tarnish the image of a religion, turn the lives of muslims into a living hell because of the amalgam terrorism create… and then die and find their asses a spot in the sky with saints, goodwill makers and prophets or just John Lennon… well, let it be!

Freedom is never given, it is won!

A. Philip Randolph

With peace, love and freedom,



One thought on ““We are all Charlie Hebdo” my thoughts-rant on this morning’sa event

  1. Nelly says:

    Des hommes, armés de crayons pour faire vivre leurs idées et la liberté, ont été massacrés par des bourreaux habités par la haine et la bêtise la plus révulsante. Merci d’avoir pris le temps d’en parler !

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