4 life lessons my phone taught me

Hello blog friends, i hope you’re doing great. Mobile phones are a hundred times more effective than they were 10 years ago, it’s the one invention that I think had the most impact on people’s lives. The ‘smart’ phone is really that smart, we can even call it a genius seen how many tasks it can now do: calculate, tell you the weather of the day (if not the week-month), take pictures, have all your favorite albums on it,  give you access to the internet and so much more.

Glow in the dark Phrase iPhone 5-5s Case

Like many others out there, I’m kind of addicted to my mobile phone. I can’t go out without my phone, when I sleep, it stays under my pillow. I have a very ‘frennemy’ relationship with the device actually, I love it, but at the same time I’m aware of being dependant of a machine, if one day I can’t make a call anymore, text, use social media, take pictures, listen to music… then, my world is probably going to feel the difference. This morning, as I woke up, I realizeded that my phone has actually taught me numerous life lessons that I just don’t think about enough. Anyhow, without any further delay, here’s the 4 life lessons my phone (and yours) taught me:

  • Size doesn’t matter. Remember that huge Nokia phone? Yes, the one we make jokes about all the time; well, that phone is way heavier and bigger than a smart phone from nowadays, but the smart phone does a lot more than the Nokia. Let’s turn the situation around, the smart phone is more effective, the Nokia looks like Pinkie compared to the Brain, but when both phones hit the ground, the smart one is in pieces while the good old Nokia works even better. Size has nothing to do with strength and effectiveness. Being huge and empty doesn’t work, nor being smart and weak. There’s a balance that everyone should seek in his life. If you’re a Nokia, upgrade yourself, and if you’re a smart phone, well, get a helmet.

  • Change isn’t easy first, but we get used to it with time. I changed my phone more than I can remember, and every time I got a new phone, I felt confused: “why isn’t this working right? How do I screencap again? Wait, where’s that button?”. I grasp that using my old phone was extremely easy because I used it for a while; on the other hand a new phone can at times be tricky. But one or two weeks later: I’m as good using my new phone as I was before. It’s the same concept with life. We want change, but once in the corner, we sometimes have doubts realizing how tricky it is to deal with all the ‘new’ that comes along with it. Some people lose faith and go back to their old habits thinking that they’ll never be able of handling the situation and getting control over it. So here I am, asking everyone who ever felt this way to remember the day he got a new phone, he didn’t type faster than the light in the first weeks, it took some time, but in the end: it was worth the try.
  • The phone is smart but it doesn’t stop its owner from being dumb. Having a Louis Vuitton bag, a Cadillac or a huge villa in Hawaii doesn’t make a person any better than anyone else, it just makes them richer. Our material belongings don’t make us, we make them. The only thing that adds value –real value- to a person is his behavior, achievements, ideas and actions. If you want to be classy, don’t buy fancy wine and a Rolex, just “be” classy, everything else will come accordingly if you work for it, and then it will have a certain meaning. Wearing a Rolex because you worked for it and deserved it as a proof of your success and accomplishments has nothing to do with wearing the same watch just to show off your money in front of others: it makes you a vain person. Empty is the right word. Money is important, I’m not saying otherwise, but it shouldn’t be used to give a false sense of confidence, show up in front of others so that you can make yourself ‘look cool’. Being cool is an attitude, not a new iPhone.


  • A neglected phone will neglect you back. A mobile can take few hits here and there, falling in the streets, even in water, hitting the ground… but sooner or later it will stop bearing that shit and stop working for good. Well it’s the same with relationships and other important things in life; you can’t keep hurting others and letting them down without expecting to be treated the same. If you care about your phone, your relationships, your family, your work… then it will care for you as well. It will last and be as efficient and rewarding as you would want it to be. It reminds me of a French proverb: “Who wants to go far, spares his horse.” Slow and steady wins the race, right?

With love,



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