Top 10 moroccan blogs you need to check out ASAP

1) According to Hind. A beautiful blog where Hind Touissate talks about numerous topics, travel, inspiration, culture… The blogger won the Best Female Blogger Award (Maroc Web Awards) and i think she really deserves it as i adore her writing style and passion. Her book reviews and Youtube videos are also worth watching.


2) Fashion Bakchic. As my favourite Moroccan fashion blogger because of her effortless and cosy style, Sophia El Arabi also created a handmade brand called Bakchic. that combines both traditional and modern fashion: to die for!

3) In a city near you. Omar Oualili is definitely my biggest inspiration out there, he’s a travel blogger and “In a city near you” is a timeline of his travels around the world.

4) Ghitta Laskrouif. Ghitta is one of the top contemporary fashion designers in the country and I’ve been a huge fan of her work for the longest time, and her blog is just as inspiring as her creations. Her goal is to communicate the heritage and love of each recycled or handmade product.

Joseph OuechenCredit : Joseph Ouechen Credit : Joseph Ouechen  Credit : Joseph OuechenCredit : Joseph OuechenCredit : Joseph Ouechen

5) You are the style. Joseph Ouechen is one of the first street style photographers and male fashion bloggers in Morocco; I met him once at a designer’s fair and i think he really deserves it all: he’s talented, good-hearted, down to earth and inspiring. He contributed to many magazines like Elle Magazine…

Credit : Nisrine MerzoukiCredit : Nisrine Merzouki

Credit : Nisrine MerzoukiCredit : Nisrine Merzouki

6) Diners and dreams. A food blog that will make your jaw drop. “My name is Nisrine Merzouki. I’m the cook, writer and photographer of this blog. I’m on a mission to save the world with wholesome recipes.” is the first thing you can read when you get on the about section, and i must admit some of the recipes of this blog can compete to save the world, i highly recommend you to check it out: gluten-free, healthy, eco-friendly and oh let’s not forget: DELICIOUS.


7) The closeterie. A common project of both Joseph Ouechen from “You Are The Style” and Sofia El Arabi of “Fashion Bakchic” : they go inside the homes and dressings of Moroccan or Moroccan based artists, designers, bloggers…

8) Mum in Casablanca. A Moroccan expat mom from Casablanca living in Istanbul, Turkey. The blog is in french, but you can translate her articles and see how witty and interesting her posts are, the blog is divided into many sections: zen, books, lifestyle, work, motherhood…

9) Afaf and Marwa. Two stylish sisters direct this fashion and lifestyle blog, I adore going through their adorable outfits. They now represent the young Moroccan style, trendy and classic at the same time.

10) Rita speaks out. My friend Rita owns an amazing blog, and i had to make sure to write it down on this list. Moodboard, fashion, lifestyle, personal posts… her blog is a door to her very own classy world.

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