Things to forgive before 2015

“A new year can’t start until you learn to forget

Or better, to forgive.

Forgive the eye that judged you

The mouth that laughed at you

The hand that refused to lift you up

The person that abandoned you

The lies that has been told to your face

And the ones that has been told behind your back

The friends that got away

The lovers who never fell for you

The mistakes you still regret

The sins you wish you could erase

Your parents and friends for being hard on you

The society for trying to break your dreams

The mirror for not always reflecting what you’d like to see

Your body for not being the way everyone would like it to be

The system for imposing itself on you

The sky for being too high

God for being too discrete

Karma for always being after you, ready to strike

The Truth for not being absolute but relative

Life for not being easy on you

For not giving you everything

For making you go through challenges, bad days and chaos

The depression, for somewhat always being there in the corner

The universe for being so huge, so complicated and yet so simple

For not delivering all its secrets, for not showing you the answers you seek

Just like we are in the universe, the universe is in us

So forgiving the universe must start

By forgiving thyself first.”


P.S: Check out this article for quotes on ‘moving on’ and ‘letting go’.


3 thoughts on “Things to forgive before 2015

  1. Nelly says:

    Je préfère réfléchir qu’oublier. Et le pardon systématique est assez suspect, je trouve. Inhumain donc, sauf la dernière ligne : se pardonner à soi-même qui contient toute les sagesses y compris celle de la psychanalyse même si jamais au grand jamais freudiens et lacaniens ne le diront ainsi.

  2. Living simplyy says:

    Cest discuttable… Je me tiens plutôt du côte du pardon et du detachement, nottement a tout ce qui peut nous retenir en arriere. Au fond cest bien plus par jemenfoutisme (mais quel egoiste je fais des fois haha) que j excuse le plus souvent, plus pour m’epargner de men soucier ou de condamner certaines personnes ou relations. Mais je suis daccord sur le fait que se pardonner soi même est en effet le plus important.

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