My morning inspiration

Hi folks,

Taxi drivers in Morocco aren’t average cab drivers, they’re political critics, sport reporters, freedom fighters, nomadic radio stations, idea factories, the voice of all the socio-economic classes they see every day. They can be annoying, stubborn, narrow-minded… but no matter what, there’s always something I learn each time i get on a taxi, and God, I get on taxis A LOT. Here’s three quotes of wisdom I heard in the past 72 hours.

“Craziness is the best medicine. If something pisses you off or tries to harm you, girl, just laugh it out.”

“Why racism? The darker the flesh, the closer the sun is to the heart, a warm heart and a black skin is ten times better than a white skin and nothing inside”

“One only goes where the wind takes him, i knew a friend who only took tourists on his cab because they give more money, but each time he gained that money, something made him lose it all: an accident, a family problem… i wake up each day unsure if I’ll have enough money to buy my launch, but do you know what? I’ve never been richer.”

I’m a little sick lately, I’ll try posting more often, xo



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