Top 3 surfing spots in Morocco

Morocco has some of the best surf spots to offer in the world. Taghazout area is especially well known for its perfect right-hands that have been attracting surfers from worldwide since the 60’s.
The swell season starts in October till April. During summer the most consistent area is between Safi and north Rabat.

Surf Inn

1) Taghazout.

Sunset at Anchor Point

Anchor Point  is probably the most famous Moroccan surf spot due to its clean lines and consistency on all tides. It starts working at about 3ft and holds up to 15ft. This surf break is a mix of sand and reef bottom with 3 different sections where you can go for cover ups and turns at the first two sections and the last one just gets quite hollow and fast. It can be a long wave of about 300m to 500m.

Surf Camp Taghazout

Boilers : Named after the boiler of a shipwreck that can be seen as the waves form, this is one of the most thrilling spots. Boilers is considered the most challenging break in the region, an awe-inspiring surf spot that draws professional photographers in search of the ultimate surfing image.

Recommended for experienced surfers due to its very strong and fast right hander that ends up onto a strong shallow reef.

2) Banana beach.

Banana beach

Banana Point is located near the Village of Aourir, also called Banana village due to the many banana plantations that are grown in the river bed facing the spot.
It’s a long right hander point break with no current ideal for all levels!

3) Tamraght.

Devil's rock

Panoramas is a right hander, with a sand bottom that breaks on a big beach.
This makes it the perfect spot for beginners, but only during high tide.
When it’s more than 5 ft, Panorama’s can be a very fast and barreling when the swell and the winds take the right direction. Then it becomes a good break for intermediate to advanced surfers.

4) Imsouanne.

Imesouanne by night.

Imsouane, by Of Abdo

Imsouanne provides something for everyone in one small stretch of coast. One of the longest rights in the world breaks into the harbour and provides an awesome wave for longboarders, intermediates and beginners. When the swell is big though it can get world-class. You can often walk the whole stretch and not see another set of footprints, Amazing place to chill out or surf a great variety of waves.

That’s it for today, i hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to share, like and comment. Xoxo


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