5 stereotypes about Art schools

  My first week of college was tremendously tiring but quite interesting because of all the new things I heard, saw and discovered. The students, staff and teachers were all great so yeah, you can say it was a good week. Anyhow, because I entered ESAV of Marrakech which is a visual arts school (Cinema department and a GD department) I realized many people hold some strong-ass stereotypes regarding Art schools, so here’s a brief list of what many people think is sacred bible for all Art schools and students.

  • Art school students don’t study, AT ALL! Let’s try to understand the source of this stereotype: non-artistic common sensical people, consider that maths and physics are the only things worth studying, so when they hear that we study everything BUT maths, science and physics, well they sort of figure we don’t study at all. And they say they’re good at logical thinking… If you want the truth, our schedule is really busy, 9am 7pm all week-long, so if that’s not ‘enough studies’ for you, I don’t know what is.

  • All Art school students are Hippies/ Metal heads. Yes, there are some hipsters (not hippies), metal heads, emos, rastafaris… But it doesn’t mean it’s the requirement to enter an Art school, no one asks to see your wardrobe in order to get enrolled. Art isn’t about the clothes you wear, but about the Art and artist himself, so of course, the artistic side of the person can choose not to follow the trends and create a unique style. In this case funky, wild clothes is something you’ll see here and there. But from there to generalize, not so bright.

  • Our teachers are all crazy and incompetent. This couldn’t get any dumb’er, we have amazing teachers with years and years of experience in their fields, and if not being middle-of-the-road means ‘crazy’ then yeah they’re effing mad!

  • The degree we get in the end of our college years is an ‘Art’ diploma. Arts is a really huge domain: graphic design, web design, illustration, 3D illustration, transmedia… the sky’s the limit. Just google it instead of going like ‘huh, but yeah after three of five years, all you’ll get is an Art degree, can’t do much with that, can you?’ Obama was right, I can.

  • We go to class wearing flip-flops. Okay, I admit, this one isn’t the stereotype cause I can indeed go to class wearing flip-flops, and no one cares because that’s not what makes me a serious student or not. The stereotype is about us not being studious or serious because we don’t dress a certain way or behave like model students. The laid-back atmosphere of my Art school is one of the many turn-ons that got me interested in first place: I’m here to learn, not to showcase the latest Prada collection, so no one should judge me based on wearing flip-flops and assume I don’t care about the classes. (Got it, Tsus?)

And that’s it, the five most commonly heard stereotypes about Art schools. If your school/job has some unbased stereotypes as well, feel free to let us know about them in the comment section bellow. Have a great week everyone, xoxo!


5 thoughts on “5 stereotypes about Art schools

    1. Living simplyy says:

      Je ne connais malheureusement pas les auteurs des photos, je les trouve sur tumblr ou sur le net le plus souvent sans source mais c’est vrai, il faudrait bien que je rende à César ce qui lui revient de droit :/

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