18 things you probably didn’t know about me!

Portrait of Sara Kanerva and Boris the white lion. Project By. Justin Polkey · London … Source: Tumblr

Hey friends ! It’s my birthday y’all. I had one of the most amazing days of the year with amazing people, laughing, joking, eating and having fun. Now I’m back and thought I could write some of the things you guys probably (and most definitely) don’t know about me for the occasion, 18 things because, well i just turned legal.

  • I CAN’T sing. I don’t want to most of the time, but it’s also because I can’t. I can do 99% of the things in this planet, but singing just isn’t on the list, so please don’t ask me to have a Karaoke, sing along at the top of my lungs and all that shit (You thought right: I dislike it when people sing over songs in public –loudly- as well).
  • Whenever I speak in front of a large public, I have the biggest anxiety attack ever;it’s really terrible but each time I try to control it instead of letting it control me. Not sure if it works each time, but It gets better with practise.
  • I had plenty of supernatural encounters in my brief 18 years of existence: I saw a Ufo in the sky while waiting for the doctor, witnessed a Poltergeist with a friend, and many more spirit related events. Was pretty scary back then. But am I scared now? Hell no. Would I play Ouija, knock on doors again or have weird ass pagan rituals? Maybe.

  • I love everything eclectic –in other terms useless but unique or beautiful. I collect books, old money pieces, cards, little toys and gadgets, porcelain dolls (yes, It’s creepy), jewelry, dices (or the number 7 from used keyboards), statues…
  • I absolutely hate being ‘poked’ on the shoulder, legs, arms… It’s probably because it reminds me of bugs or something, you never know when they’ll touch you, and when they do it feels weird so when people ‘bug’ me, i flip.
  • I hate bugs. Period.
  • Microsoft Word files are my diaries. When I was younger, I used to keep real diaries, I still have them and they’re amazing scrapbook examples. But as I got older, the urge to write became more important than decorating as I had more things on my chest, more questions and eventually answers, so I decided to stick with writing my thoughts on Word.
  • I love cereals, and the way I eat them is quite special. Get them wet, drink milk with a spoon, then eat the cereals.
  • I adore cupcakes, and I make quite delicious ones to be honest. Maybe I’ll give away my secret recipe some day.
  • If I were to choose between killing a man and a dog, I would shoot the man twice just to make sure. I just love animals to a point I can’t describe. Cats, dogs, birds, monkeys, dolphins… Whatever it is, as long as it’s not an insect nor a reptile: I love it!
  • Speaking of animals, I have a really weird curiosity towards birds in general, more especially hawks, owls and eagles. I think they’re fascinating. I catch myself doodling lots of hawks.
  • I’m addicted to my phone and computer. If someone touches my computer, he touches me. And for the phone, well it’s worse: I can’t go anywhere without it, I sleep with it, eat with it, I even gave it a nickname (Yes, it’s quite helpful when searching for it: Sam, where the hell are you?!).
  • I think babies are cute, but I don’t like them, at ALL. They can be so damn annoying. If they’re able to wipe their own ish, if they don’t cry and make a mess all the time, make me laugh and understand what is being said and done around them: I LOVE them. I actually make a quite brilliant babysitter for 4-9 years old because they can be smart and adorable, unlike babies who look cute and make perfect instagram pictures but cry, shit, yell and sleep, all day, all the time.
  • I love discussing never-ending debates such as politics, religion, philosophy…
  • I wish i spent my life travelling the world, going to festivals, discovering new cultures, eating new food, seeing the wildlife and nature, surfing, skinny dipping in the ocean, meditating and working on my spirituality…
  • I think I need 7 years of pause from living so I can watch all the things I want to: movies, tv shows… I’m a true movie addict, so there’s always something new to watch. Only people with this movie addiction can understand how frustrating that is, to know that I’ll never ever find the time to watch everything, ugh!
  • I spend quite some time chatting on Omegle whenever I’m bored. Omegle can be very entertaining and a great way to communicate with people from all over the world, not only it’s extremely funny and random, it helps know the points of vue of people you’ll never meet or talk to in your existence. The drawback is that the website is more addictive than meth guys, beware.
  • I don’t have a ‘type’ of guys, it’s always about the feeling and the bond, and of course the appeal and all that. Anyhow, I do think arm veins, honesty, a good memory, a dose of humor and sarcasm are huge turn ons.

And that’s it, wish you guys all the best. Xoxo


2 thoughts on “18 things you probably didn’t know about me!

  1. C’est bien la première fois que je “rencontre” une de mes étudiantes de cette façon-là ! J’aime les blogs, leur souplesse, leur interactivité, leur intimité. Ouvrir ainsi son monde aux autres est généreux. Un peu périlleux aussi, parfois, non ? Le vôtre a un ton très personnel. J’en lirai plus très vite. et, au fait, joyeux anniversaire !

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