How can the Cold Shower Therapy help you put your fears aside?

Hey folks, I decided to start the Cold Shower Therapy, commonly known as the 30 days CST. Why? Because whenever i’m about to jump into cold water (it applies to my daily life situations as well), the fear of freezing and feeling pain makes me wait for a good amount of time before doing it, or makes me decide not to jump in the end. But once i  do it, 100% of the times, i enjoy the swim and think the water is amazing.

Taking a cold shower sucks. But it rarely sucks as much as you think it will. Once you step into the water, you realize that it does suck, but not nearly as much as you thought it would. After the first few times, instead of being afraid of the cold water, you jump into it – you welcome the challenge and dare it to beat you.

The same is true with life. Taking a new direction in life is scary. Sometimes you don’t know what to do. Sometimes you’re afraid it will hurt. Then you jump and it does. A little, but not nearly as much as you thought it would. After you do it a few times (no matter how small it may seem), it gets easier and you begin to welcome the challenge and dare the impossible to beat you.

That’s cold shower therapy. 28 days of cold showers. 28 days of shoving your fears aside – however stupid they might be- cutting through the bullsh*t excuses you continue to accept readily and replacing it with precise and effective action.


I recommend you guys to try the Cold shower therapy, only the brave! You already take showers almost every morning (unless you stink to death) so why not use that time to learn something about your own fears and limits.

Peace out, xoxo


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