September blues and the top 3 things to try before Summer ends (wait it’s over?)

        Hi there friends, i spent an amazing month eating oreos, reading by the beach, travelling with my cousin and bestie, seeing friends, dancing like a creep, swiping boys on Tinder and most importantly having tons of new incredible experiences. I hope everyone spent a great summer, and that this September’s blues doesn’t get into your heads folks, because September can be such a bitch sometimes, isn’t it? Thanks God i’m not born during this lame ass month, nor on a Friday 13th… Wait, i am!

Anyhow, here’s the top 3 things i tried this summer.

1) Stargaze on a rooftop. Preferably with some good music and a person you genuinly love. You won’t have much to say to each other, but it’s because of the breath taking beauty of the sky and moment. You’ll realize silence is sometimes more precious than words.

2) Swim naked in the ocean. Crazy, right? But once you try it, you feel so much freedom from being completely exposed to the waves and the semi infinity of the sea. I understand the nudists now, somewhat.

3) Wear a scary mask in the streets and see how each person reacts. I don’t enjoy being the center of attention, but if i can get the attention without people knowing who i am, why not?

Peace out! Xoxo


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