What the fuss is the #ALS Ice Bucket challenge all about ?!

The Harlem Shake of the summer is without any doubt the ALS Challenge, With all the celebrities, athletes and even politicians doing the challenge, it has become viral not only all over the US, but all over the world. So i’ve done a little research about the ALS disease and even though the ALS association gained a lot of donations thanks to the Ice Bucket Challenge, i feel like 80% of the people doing the challenge have no idea whatsoever about the disease, the charity, the awareness, the goal… they end up doing it to feel good about themselves, have summer fun and look cool on the video so they can post it on all sorts of social networks. What i really can’t understand is this rule: You do the challenge and tag someone, and that’s it you don’t research the disease or the association, you don’t donate, you don’t volunteer, but if you don’t you take this way out to avoid giving money to charity, you have to donate to the association within the next 24 hours. Yes ‘penalized’, so the others who did the challenge are winners and look cool and all of that because they waste a bucket of water and get soaked. Why is the loser the one who donates money? Why isn’t the first rule: don’t copy on celebrities just because they look cool, know what the hell ALS means and donate something (anything!) before you start feeling good about yourself while you did ABSOLUTELY nothing useful or impressing during the video. Dumping cold water over your head, tagging a friend and still trying to look sexy isn’t going to cure the Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis disease, it’s not going to help the ALS foundation and definitely not turn you into someone who fights for causes. It makes you dumb, and you get to win the Asshole of the year award by wasting clean water while some people are fighting in the world just to have access to dirtier water, if you at least give a donation, i think we could ignore the fact you’re an ecological disaster. So please, please, next ALS Ice Bucket Challenger: Donate before getting wet. And for everyone a little smarter than this circus: donate to charity without the need of being tagged to do it and following the trend, donate because you care, if you can’t give money give your time, energy or skills, volunteer, a simple action can change so much around you.




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