RIP Robin Williams, but also to everyone dying because of war, crime, hunger and depression…


It’s heart breaking knowing that someone you admired for so many years and who had an incredible influence on your childhood (Mrs Doubtfire anyone?) ended his days due to depression. But what’s ever more heart breaking is how we don’t expect the most successful people to suffer from suicidal ideas, to struggle with themselves, and i think that’s the error: we mix between being wealthy, and being happy. This death made me think about all the people i consciously never ask how they’re doing because i suppose they’re content and happy, while maybe they’re dying on the inside and are in desesperate need of a shoulder to support them or just a friend to talk to. Sometimes, little gestures we can do can make someone’s day, asking how they’re doing, giving them a call or even a text, paying a visit, buying them a gift or a small present… If you think your friend, parent, family member or even neighbour is struggling with depression please, please, take the time to acknowledge his disease, because it’s not ‘just a phase’, because these people are at their lowest point and need someone, anything that could help them get back on their feet. 

Apart from this, i would like to also give a thought to all the kids, women and men dying in Palestine, in Iraq, Syria. To all the people dying of hunger in some countries. To homeless people, to abandonned kids, to the victims of crimes, rapes and injustice. I would love to invite each one of my readers to think about all these people, not just one celebrity. If you can cheer a friend up, do it. If you can give to the poor, do it. If you can smile to a random stranger in the street, do it. If you can help someone out without asking for something in return, do it. Let’s all make sure we live our lives with no regrets, because Robin Williams, and all the people dying in the world, could be someone we know, someone we could’ve helped stay a little longer. 

Peace out,



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