My Summer 2014 bucketlist !


You know I love lists. I love them so much actually I sometimes make lists of lists I want to write. I just love how well-organized my ideas become when they’re on a list. It’s also perfect because it makes me feel good each time when i take something out of the list, I can keep track of my achievements. So things I want to do-see-try this summer 2014 are no different, they go in another of my bucketlists, so I thought I could share a part of it with you here.

1)      Surf in 3 different beaches

2)      Donate blood

3)      Finish the 100 movie list

4)      Reach 300 followers on WordPress

5)      Get my ears pierced

6)      Finish the 100 push up program

7)      Hold a snake in my hands

8)      Blow perfect smoke rings

9)      Eat a kidney dish (yuk)

10)   Send a fan letter

11)   Do the splits

12)   Take a picture with a random stranger in the streets

13)   Flash a security camera

14)   Give a tip double my order

15)   Learn how to montage a video like a pro

16)   Stargaze at the top of a car

17)   Get a summer job

18)   Make a cute chara-ben

19)   Buy a Go-Pro camera

20)   Try the bong

21)   Read 20 books

22)   Make homemade jam

23)   Interview a celebrity

24)   Go to 3 concerts

25)   Create a new recipe

26)   Join an association

27)   Create something beautiful with recycled objects

28)   Name furniture (my phone’s name is Sam. And yes, it comes from Samsung)

29)   Learn kanji

30)   Get a perfect tan

31)   Paintball

32)   Order a happy meal

33)   Swim at night

34)   Be on the radio

35)   Have a summer romance

36)   Finish a tv season in a day

37)   See a ballet show

38)   Finish the 100 drawing challenge

39)   Publish an e-book

40)   Finish a 5minut rope exercise without tripping

41)   Fix a light bulb by myself

42)   Impress a jury

43)   Eat a delicious Oreo cake

44)   Go to the zoo (for the first time, yes)

45)   Go somewhere I’ve never been to before

46)   Eat pink donuts

47)   Save money and fundraise for my future trip

48)   Be active on my blog

49)   Meet an internet friend in real life

50)   Wear a superhero suit a day long

So that was it, the first 50 things I want to do this summer, do you have a summer bucketlist? If you do, feel free to share with us some of it in the comment section down below, and have a great summer !


5 thoughts on “My Summer 2014 bucketlist !

    1. You’re welcome, i loved your travel posts and the pictures are all so amazing! About my bucketlist, it’s 1/3 done, and there’s only one month left so i do need to hurry a little, but yeah i don’t take it that seriously, summer is about trying new things, having fun and going with the flow, right?

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