5 quick tips to stay healthy during Ramadan

To all those fasting this year, here are few quick tips on how to stay healthy during Ramadan. And to everyone else, these tips apply as well, health is a universal concern.

1)      Drink A LOT of water. It goes without saying, but make sure not to keep it until the last minute, make sure you drink 2.5 l of water, by small dozes all throughout the night.

2)      Don’t oversleep. We tend to sleep until late in the afternoon so as not to get exhausted, but studies have shown that sleeping that much during Ramadan only makes your body even more tired, and turns your natural clock into a complete mess you’ll need time to recover from. The best would be to sleep enough, until 10 or 11am, and then go get the day ready.

3)      Don’t forget to exercise, or at least walk daily. The best time to do some work out is an hour before the ftour or later at night after you broke your fasting, this way you don’t exhaust your body and can get the most out of your working out time.

4)      Avoid tea, salt, sugar and too much peppers and spices. Your body just survived a hot, active day without a drop of water nor a slice of food, so at the ftour the last thing you need is that hot tea, overly spiced dish or five-tablespoons of sugar in your coffee.

5)      Prefer natural and healthy snacks like almond, nuts… to other manufactured sweets and fast food. Ramadan is the perfect time for your constipation, or diarrhea to say hello, so shut down the glutton part of you who wants to eat like it’s the last meal, and think about your health, poor digestive system and weight instead. Yeah, thank you.

If you have more tips related to fasting during Ramadan, or staying healthy, feel free to comment down bellow. Have a great day folks!


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