What is Ramadan truly about?

Ramadan is not about the food !

Ramadan is a holy month of mercy, compassion and forgiveness. Forgiving others, but also ourselves as we are sometimes our toughest judge. It’s a month when we look for harmony in our relationship with God, looking for small reasons to gather around the people we love so as to enjoy small things in life like eating, drinking water, making love to your spouse… As all these things are prohibited during daytime for the entire month (from sunrise to sunset). And the reason behind this is to remind ourselves how unthankful we can be sometimes when it comes to the things we already have in our possession, all we have is a blessing and we should be greatfull because of it no matter how troubled our lives are. Some unfortunate people don’t have a single piece of bread to put in their mouths, they don’t have a shelter, their health, a family, a place they can call home, clothes to wear, an education, a job or even the internet. We take these things for granted, while it could all go away in a second leaving us with NOTHING. These poor people are struggling to stay alive, so thinking about them for a month is the least we could do, if we still have an ounce of humanity.

That’s the thing I wanted to make clear today, to everyone who heard about Ramadan, or who’s celebrating it this year: fasting in Ramadan is not about the food. Fasting is about putting yourself in the shoes of  people who can’t afford to live, eat and drink as much as we do, it’s an ode to the beauty of life, simplicity, generosity and so many other great values we sometimes forget. It’s about devoting our souls to meditation, spirituality and goodness. Ramadan is the occasion to set altruistic goals and resolutions such as helping others, donating to charity, getting more involved in community service, giving blood… not like the ones people set for the New Year that are kind of self-centered: lose weight, study harder, win that competition… I’m not saying these New Year resolutions are bad, not at all: I set them each time myself even if i’m not a christian, because a reason to change for the better, no matter which one, is always a good thing to be inspired by.

Therefor, I’m asking you this month to think about the poor, to buy less and think more, to visit that one family member you don’t talk to that much anymore, to forgive anyone you had a conflict with in the past, to tell your parents (and everyone genuine in your life) how much you love them, to say thank you more often, to smile more, to make people laugh, to help around strangers, do a favor to somebody who can never know it’s you… Simply to give love, true love, for no specific reason but making the world a better place, and growing stronger as a person. That’s the spirit of Ramadan. And I would love to share some of it with you all. I send you my best vibes, all my best wishes and my regards. May all your goals and wishes come true.

With lots of love,



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