Moving without stressing

So we finally moved today to our new ‘home’, for the fifth time in my life, and I can’t tell you how glad I am it’s over. Moving has always been, and will always be exhausting, time-consuming and it just includes so much work. I hate moving. You have to pack things, unpack, clean all around, make sure everything is put in the right order, you have to pay attention to the fragile equipment and accept the fact that your favourite mug or even your tv can get smashed in the road. All of this can cause an incredible amount of stress into our already stressed lives. So I thought of giving out few tips so you can make sure your nerves don’t break down (that much) during the process.

1)      Get organized. The ultimate mistake is to let things get out of your control cause it will turn into the biggest mess ever, and getting out of it will then be impossible believe me. Give numbers to your boxes and write down on their top what they contain so you can easily find what you’re looking for, cause finding “that thing” in the ocean of boxes, suitcases and bags after you moved is, by experience, an impossible and very frustrating task.

2)      Get help, not only for the packing but also for the ‘main’ moving part because let’s face it: the more hands you have to help, faster, better and easier it will be for all of you.

3)      Never underestimate the weight of books. One book is fine, ten books are okay but a box of books will break you back (unless you’re Hercules) ; so alternate something weightless with your papers for your health’s safety, really.

4)      Never put your valuables in the truck, such as liquid money, accessories, laptop or other tech devices, sophisticated gear…  they belong with soft hands like yours that won’t break them down in a hurry and then say something like “oups”!

5)      Leave an open box for the last minute equipment you totally forgot about when you were packing cause it’s so small, or futile such as cables, ropes, toothpaste…

6)      Give water, snacks and lots of smiles and kindness to whomever is helping you, cause moving your fridge and sofa and all the other things is really hard, guys!

7)      Be thankful for whatever stability you have in your life, cause some people have to work all day long so they can ensure a living, and they have it much worse than you do.  I was so tired today that I almost turned into a llama, and I didn’t even do the hardest tasks so I can’t even imagine how it feels like to be a worker like those who helped us today. I respect these people for earning money the right but hard way instead of the easy money way out like stealing, falling into drug dealing… These people are heroes, and they deserve every ounce of respect we could give them.

8)      Get some rest. Before, and after you move. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do at the moment.

If you have more moving advice and tips, feel free to leave them in the comment section bellow. I send you all great vibes from here, peace out.


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