Little midnight philosophy

   The thing about religion, in my opinion, is that it’s a personal thing, and it’s always tricky talking about religion because you never know who you might offend.The media of nowadays is showing such a bad image of Islam, and i must admit some of ‘so called’ muslim extremists are quite the reason for all the fear that the word “Islam” is now creating in some minds while the word in itself means peace. But extremists and exceptions never make the generality, it’s like believing that all germans are nazis, or that all white people are with slavery…Some people have had such a wrong understanding of its values that it just dumb and ridiculous. These stupid people let their personal beliefs (that are narrow-minded, old-fashioned and far from logical most of the times) become an arm they use against people, shoving it down their throats and preaching hate all over the place. Not only muslim extremists, ALL extremists are bad, no matter if their excuse is Islam, Judaism, Christianism, Atheism…


It’s not how religion is supposed to be. The thing is, you could believe in a Fergie budha cow and all the Power Rangers as Gods: i couldn’t care less, and nobody should, nobody has that right unless your belief becomes a threat to our own beliefs and freedom. Religion is about free will, it’s about the ability to have a strong faith in whatever you believe in, but accept the fact that the majority of people in the world don’t share your belief, that they have different perceptions. Everything is relative, there’s no such thing as universal truth; you can have truth in YOUR world, but you can never apply that reason to other people’s worlds. What seems right to me, might look terribly wrong to another person, and it’s totally okay as we are both right, it’s not a fight where we’re supposed to find out who’s right and who’s not, what religion is the best, or what religion should be believed in by all of us… But more what religion makes more sense to me and what can i do to grow stronger, spiritually speaking. I strongly believe that people, all over the planet should start playing a little game called : minding their own business and accepting the differences that obviously exist in the world, and in how we see the world. How do i see it? I think the world is beautiful, humans are flawed idiots who can always find a good reason to fight: religion is the excuse today. But on the other hand, humans can be genuine, they can be tolerant, they can be altruist and share goodness in this planet. Ying Yang rule: there’s always a good, and a bad side; not having both of the sides creates imbalance, and the reason why we are here is ,mainly, to find that balance, or create it.

So let’s create the balance for ourselves, let’s think about how we are today, and how we should be tomorrow and most importantly what we can do to make the jump between now and tomorrow. As a muslim i believe that every religion has answers to our questions, all religions have a deep philosophy and a great perception of the world, all religions could help us as we need to be inspired by what’s good in them, and leave what’s not; but i come back to Islam because i read all the books and looked deep inside the other religions and figured out Islam made more sense to me because it is more tolerant, it’s global, it has breath-taking scientifical facts included and so many more reasons. And it could be different for someone else. And that’s great as long as he does dive into spirituality and religions so he can get the full picture before claiming on rooftops that he’s something. Being ignorant, and then arguing religion or even claiming to belong to a certain group doesn’t make sense anymore cause whenever we’ll ask the person : Why did you choose to believe in this? or that? or not to believe? His answers will be coming out from an ignorant mind that knows as much as Jon Snow does, in other terms: nothing.

When the person becomes cultivated about a topic, religion here as an example, he enable his mind to doubt, to fear, to think, and eventually make a final decision. When i personally did this, i became much more than just a muslim girl, i became much more than just a believer. I became a spiritual entity, a free and happy soul. I finally found what was always missing: inner peace.


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