5 reasons to smile today



1- The reason why zombies, vampires and other dead creatures don’t actually exist ( unfortunately ) is simply because life is for the living. And if you don’t start treating yourself like a person who can die at any given moment, you can’t take fully advantage of what life has to offer. Stop thinking too much, stop being afraid of being judged or embarrassed cause everyone around you, including you, is going to die someday. Therefore, their opinion about you doesn’t matter at all, all you need to do is make sure yours is just like you wanted it to be. You don’t have time to be negative, depressed, cynical and passive. Start doing things for yourself and take some risks and you’ll start seeing things from a completely different angle!

2- Why not have a day challenge once in a while. I actually got the idea from both watching the movie Yes Man and allowing the crazy ideas i have to happen for at least one day. So whenever i feel like my daily life is starting to bore me, i spice things up: tomorrow i’ll answer every question with a yes, or with a no. Tomorrow i’ll greet people i usually walk by and ignore, or ask my science questions non stop and see how far he can take it, or find dumb excuses to speak to at least three complete strangers…. The idea list is enormous, and it can go from something completely random like forcing everyone to repeat what they said at least three times, to something very growth oriented like smiling more at people, being a better conversationalist, speaking to strangers, listen more to what people have to say, give better compliments, make people smile…

3- A cat has 32 muscles in each ear. I know this information is stupid and useless but reading such things i’m never ‘ever’ going to be able to put in the middle of any sort of conversation, no matter how weird it is, kind of makes me smile. Wanna give it a try?

4- Chances are you’re not a top model looking type of person, which means that smiling instantly makes you ten times more attractive. And let’s face it: we need every form of bonus we can get. So smile ahead pal, a genuine smile is hotter than the best lipstick or six packs ( okay maybe not the six packs, but you got my point ).

5- Well, there are undless reasons why you should smile, and not a single one in the ‘why you should fret’ section. You can comment down bellow providing us with more reasons to smile, or maybe to fret it’s up to you.

Peace out.


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