Happy mother’s day to all the moms out there !

Let’s take a minute to appreciate the women who gave birth to us and who give us pure and genuine love everyday (for most of all). They might piss us off, yell at us or shout ‘i told you’ each time we mess up, but let’s be honest here: if someone is capable of enduring our crap, and love us more than anything in the world, be ready to put us first just so we can succeed… Then they deserve a hell lot more than a day. A nobel prize, a cheering team and dozens of medals wouldn’t even be enough. They deserve crowns. So let’s all thank our mothers today, not necessarily the one who bung us to the world, but the one who looked after us when we were sick, who gave us love and support when we needed it, who brushed our hair and watched us grow our own wings.

Thank you mom for being the most amazing person ever, for dealing with the crazy person i am and most of all for being the BEST MOTHERFUCKING PIE COOK IN THE ENTIRE PLANET!!


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