Are you annoying ? Really ?

            Image    I know , i know. It’s been a while since i last made an entry, but you have to forgive me cause there’s so much hustle and bustle in my life at the moment. There’s a month left before my graduation final exams (aka, make it or break it) and I just started to work and study hard, we’re moving back to our old neighbourhood in few weeks… You know, my ration of daily problems. We all have ours, it can be a full cup of trouble and struggle (I make poetry now), or just a sip of it. And in both cases, we wouldn’t want anybody to annoy us on top, but guess what: the world surrounding us is full of annoying people who find pleasure in being a pain in the air (*). I highly recommend you to watch this video (made by the one and only Tre Malvin that I absolutely adore), and this one (made by the unique Ryan Higa), I watched them a while ago but I only felt like giving feedback today.

  Like explained in the videos, it might occur that WE are the annoying individuals, but live in ignorance. I admit that I personally get pretty annoying sometimes, but I usually do it on purpose, so if I have ever done something of the above to you: stop being dumb and realize I hate you. Unless you’re my best friend, cause that’s what’s friends are for, right? So here are some examples of what I think makes a person, very, very, very disturbing:

1)      People who honestly believe their love life interests us in any sort of way. Wait, a person who believes their life in general interests us in any kind of way. If no one asked for information, it’s probably because nobody wants to know so don’t go out there spreading your life like a news report, it’s pointless and boring, so unless I openly ask you to describe your family members or give me a report of how crazy your last holidays were, don’t tell me!

2)      People who cough, smoke, blow, sneeze, gasp or just breathe heavily around your face thinking you actually want to share –full of bacteria air with them.

3)      People who keep on talking on mute mode forcing you to smile dumbly wishing what they just said wasn’t a question. I usually try to avoid such people as they give me the feeling of speaking to black and white movie characters.

4)      Or, at the inverse, people who talk too much while all you want is peace and calm, especially on mornings. Like, I don’t know what some people have for breakfast, but not everybody wakes up hyper, some of us (me included) need some time to get used to light and people again, so don’t you rush me please.

5)      People who overhear a part of your conversation and then give irrelevent feedback while their opinion is clearly unasked for in first place, then it’s not even relevent to your problem or story. Double “annoyment” award.

6)      People who see you’re very angry and rather than leaving you alone, piss you even more either by teasing you, playfully hitting you or making stupid jokes. Like, don’t you think that would only make me realize how dumb and un-considerate you are at that point? If you want to cheer someone up, at least make sure you’re funny and of course funny that person cause we all think we’re humor gods when we tease someone, but they might not share that idea though.

7)      People who really can’t make the difference between their opinion, and universal facts.

8)      People who spend their time talking about the same exact thing all day long, forcing your brain to tame all his extraordinary ideas. It’s probably why I don’t especially like some teachers as they also fit in the next category of annoying people.

9)    Mainstream people.

10)    People who only talk to you when they’re in need and get mad when you refuse helping them thinking you’re some kind of creature breathing to make them favors. Not only do I despite these people for being lazy and incapable, but they also show me how friendship works in their mind: help me and be of use or don’t even talk to me.

11)   People who say they’re not judgemental but still make racist comments here and there and judge people based on their beliefs, choices, lifestyles, race, income… Hello, we’re not friends with the religion, the gender, the Bugatti Veyron ( we wish ) or even the ideas, we’re friends with the person. Over the years, I’ve had the most unexpected friends ever, people who differ completely from how I see and perceive best friends, people with who I thought I’d never share things in common with. But each time, both of us managed to work on ourselves and find a common ground (respect, good heart and honesty are needed of course) so we can build genuine long lasting friendship.

  You know, this list could go on forever, so let’s just stop here for now before I turn into the annoying person number 12, that one person we all know who complains too much all the time, and doesn’t even know when to stop. 


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