Can sports teach us something about life ?

Can sports teach us something about life ?

        Just like you heard before, a life without sport is like a car with no wheels. The thing about sports is that it’s a real lifestyle that allies health, determination and hard work. And it gives us pleasure as we feel highly satisfied after exercising and so content whenever we see the achievements we’ve made. When you start training, you feel weak and powerless and end up with the conclusion that you’re a supernatural one of a kind creature born with two left feet and a ridiculously uncooperative body. And this disturbing feeling of inferiority can stay in your mind weeks after you started some sport or program, even months if you don’t see the change immediately. But if you go past that period of time, you’ll actually see yourself improve. Let’s take an example, a black belt karate champion started just like you and me: weak. He certainly had no skills, no flexibility, no reflexes nor superhero power. But it didn’t stop him from training, from working hard and getting to the point where he wanted to be. And guess what? It worked. Sports have this incredible way of teaching us that nothing comes easy in life, but the happiness you’ll feel after reaching your goals is definitely worth all this pain. If a person stops in the middle of the training because ‘it’s too hard’, then he’ll stay stuck in his weakness forever, and it’s better for humanity I guess as excuses to me are just a natural selection to make the difference between fighters and quitters . Sports teach us humility as there’s always someone stronger than us, it teaches us hard work as you’ll never get fit or achieve a goal if you don’t put lots and lots of work, time and energy on it. Sports also teach us to push hard even if it hurts because weakness is just a barrier our mind has set to keep being weak and lazy; it shows us that we can fall, get hurt, even kicked assed hundreds of times, but that we should always get back on our feet a million more. There’s a true wisdom in sports. It proves that there’s no such thing as limits, and if they exist it’s because we created them for ourselves. So if we’re the setters of our own limit, why wouldn’t we strive for greatness? The quote says : “If you aim at nothing, you’re sure to hit it”. Athletes aim at the moon, so even when they miss, they fall on stars. So if we take that philosophy and make it a lifestyle, we can easily imagine how big our determination should be if we want to achieve something in our lives. If you have a dream, the fact is that millions of other people in the planet share it with you. Everyone wants to be president for example, but the one who will be a president isn’t the one who wanted it the baddest, but the one who worked for it and never stopped until he did it. If you wonder why your dreams never come true, it’s probably because you’re not the only person having that dream, and these people could be working twice harder than you. When you go to bed after working all night long for a dream, there’s someone out there who won’t even sleep to get closer to it. If you’re not putting in your one hundred percent, don’t complain. Athletes don’t magically become the fit, strong and confident people they are: they work, they suffer, they think about quitting… But they don’t, they stay motivated and keep on doing their best until they reach the success they want. If you have a dream, work for it as hard as you can, keep yourself motivated and strive for greatness, you will succeed! The universe will plot to bring you closer to the place where you want to be. But first, life will have a little test for you, see how bad you really want it. So you’ll fail, get slapped by all aspects of life, feel weak, miserable, get your confidence, faith and will tested… Lots of people fail at these tests by the way, and it’s why they never succeed: they lose hope in the middle of their quest. There’s a quote that goes: “The only people who fail are the ones who quit or never try.”

 But if you’re one determined, positive and optimistic little brat who decided to defeat the whole world and hold on: you’ll live the life you wanted. Think about succesful people and imagine what would’ve happened if they lost hope and decided to stop somewhere during their failures. Nothing would happen actually because they wouldn’t of became famous and succesful, they wouldn’t of have an impact on the world, they wouldn’t inspire people all over the planet so logically we wouldn’t even be talking about them. Walt Disney, Lumière brothers, Thomas Edison, Michael Jordan… All of these figures wouldn’t of reached success without something sports can teach us so well: determination. Never quit before seeing the results, before getting those results. personally, I wasn’t that fit few months ago, I used to be okay compared to most people my age but I lacked flexibility, muscles, endurance: everything important to me. So I started to set goals: next week I’m going to do 20 crunches without flinching, or two perfect push ups without crying like a baby. And it usually ended up with me flinching and crying like a baby, but few months later I realized that I could do more than 50 crunches and 30 push ups. My goal may not have been reached in time, and the improvement may not have been instant but it dit happen. I got stronger than how I used to be and it gives me a satisfaction I can’t describe. My future goals are to finish my 100 push up program, learn a martial art and gain more reflexes to be able to spin bars without letting it fall. Wish me luck, I’ll need it. So in the end the most important thing we can pick up from sports, besides the health and fitness benefits, is that quitting is never an option for someone who wants success. All the effort you’ll put will be rewarded. Quitting is technically a death sentence on universal scales, so don’t be a pussy and work hard for your dreams because someone else may steal them before you know it.

Anyhow thanks for reading, feel free to comment, share and discuss or even tell us what are your short-term goals . I hope you enjoyed the article. Cheers!


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