A (very) brief article about corruption

A (very) brief article about pollution

Hi there folks. It’s been a while since I last posted here, so I thought I could catch up with today’s entry. Yesterday night, I witnessed something that made me sick to the bones and it happened right in front of my eyes: a crazy driver passing out money in a handshake with a police officer who was yelling at him two minutes ago demanding to see his vehicle papers, and who’s now, apparently, the best friend he ever had. It made be feel bad, but at the same time I was put in a situation where I couldn’t do anything, so maybe writing about it on my blog will help me ‘do something about it’, or at least check out if people out there still have brains to comprehend the high risks of this phenomenon.

 First of all, how foolish would it be to actually describe corruption? As citizens of planet earth and as people belonging to our generation, it is an obligation to know what corruption is, because somehow we all have been a part of it, witnessed or just heard about it somewhere . Or if you want to pretend you have nothing to do with it, then let me enlighten you a little. Corruption is basically the touchable side of human’s evil and greed. It is, indeed, the most virulent disease of our time and its reach is beyond imagination as it threatens the very existence of our society and shakes the stability of our lives. Karl Kraus once said that corruption is worse than prostitution. The latter might endanger the morals of an individual while the former invariably endangers the morals of the entire country. And I can’t agree more!

 Of course, it would be a lie to presume that this wild spread phenomenon has just appeared in the last decades or even centuries since corruption is just like a leviathan that always been there since the first start. As long as there’s money and power on the stake, perversion, demoralization, bribery and unscrupulousness will spread their winds all over some people’s heart and minds. And it is really sad to say but in my opinion, the ‘elite’, the people who hold the finances and all the power in our globe are against the end of corruption. Tacitus said in a very meaningful citation : “In a state where corruption abounds, laws must be very numerous”. And knowing that this daily life problem is incredibly deep will obviously help us gain more will to fight back. Some very few people but very influential, ‘the corrupted ones’, are living in high luxury thankfulness to OUR hard work. The world has enough for everyone’s need, but certainly not for everyone’s greed; and it’s this greed that we need to enclose. So this problem is way more dangerous than it looks as it could lead entire economic and political systems to the edge of disaster and create chaos. Which only means that we need to face it as a huge global crisis, not just like any other financial issue. And who says huge usually employs great ways. So each responsable individual has to become conscious of the lies that he has been thought all his life, each one of us has to stand against this modern age slavery where the good of all is only slogans and titles for magazine articles. We’re the only people capable of making change, but only if we have enough determination to end this ridiculousness. And it’s just about time to teach several liberal economic systems that the liberty their systems are known for is a liberty of exchange and investments, not the liberty of stealing our money, increasing taxes, waiting for bribes to get away from any kind of trouble, taking away all our good life opportunities … If we lack the courage to speak up in opposition to ‘dictatorship’, then we should just shut up for the rest of our lives and never complain. Complaining won’t solve anything; but decency, honesty, honor and courage could.

            I’m not a politician, not even a journalist to claim anything but I’m a human being and a future adult who wants to live in a better world where no one owns me, not even a little. If this is a chance for me to get my voice heard a little louder, then I’ll take it because the duty of youth is to challenge evil, starting with corruption.


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