20 (super easy) ways to cope with stress

20 ways to cope with stress

Hello friends. It’s bloody cold here in Marrakech these past couple days, i also have a tiring upcoming week with lots of exams -that I haven’t started revising for- and there’s an important football match coming up this afternoon so I thought i could use some minutes to write down for you a very small post about 20 (super) easy ways to cope with daily stress:

1)      Prepare for the morning the night before.

2)      Get up 15 minutes earlier than usual.

3)      Stretch, dance or do some yoga.

4)      Avoid negative people and hang out more often with the ones you do enjoy being with.

5)      Make copies of important papers and make duplicate keys.

6)      Don’t be ashamed to ask for help whenever you’re stuck.

7)      Smile! A genuine smile can always make someone’s day, and as a Moroccan proverb says: “Smile to the world and it will smile back!”.

8)      Breath slowly and let air actually get to your lungs. We don’t realize it but we never really focus on our breathing as it’s an chief thing to do in order to lower our blood pressure, relax and feel better.

9)      Look at a piece of art, listen to music… Basically enjoy your self for a while and do things that will allow you to get inspired and help you be more creative.

10)   ‘Unplug’ from all technology for few days (tv, computer and phone included). I know it’s a hard thing to sort out, but challenge yourself to do it at least once a month and you’ll discover how our society brainwashed us to believe that we can’t live without technology. The fact is: we can! Moreover, your health will improve as technology is declared to be the main cause of headaches…

11)   Clean your room, closet, desk…

12)   Get enough sleep (I could really use this one to be honest!!).

13)   Plan your week-end during the week.

14)   Have a break.

15)   Stick to your prayers.

16)   Call someone you miss and let him know. No one is a mind reader, so if you don’t tell people what you think of them, they’ll certainly never know. Find some time to hang out and keep in touch with the people who matter in your life, otherwise you might lose them while taking them for granted.

17)   Tell your parents how important they are and have their blessings. You owe them everything, most importantly: your life.

18)   Share your snack, place, knowledge etc  with people around you. It’s time to show some generosity to that poor Karma of yours.

19)   Spend quality time with your family.

20)   And finally read a book instead of checking your Facebook for the 60th time.

That’s all for today, you can share your other tips on coping with daily stress in the comment section below. Have a great weekend!


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