5 things i learned from Boys over flowers kdrama

5 things i learned from Boys over flowers kdrama

Hi folks. We watch tv pretty much all the time ! And there’s always a countless things we can learn from it, it can be an important life lesson or just a new term… but no matter what, there’s always something inspiring about television, so I thought it would be great if I shared few things I learned from some of my favorite shows, movies, dramas, cartoons… So every now and then, I’ll try covering a certain topic and tell you guys the 5 things I learned from it. So here’s the list of the 5 things I learned from Boys over flowers:

1)      Some opportunities can change your whole life, so be sure to seize them whenever they knock on your door. Just see how Geum Jandi got her whole life modified after she entered Shinhwa school thanks to the scholarship she got, she met great people, she discovered the world from a whole new perception, she traveled to amazing places, made amazing four best friends and eventually got a boyfriend. So never underestimate an opportunity because its effects can be brighter than expected.

2)      It’s totally okay to be yourself! As genuine joy always makes a person adorable !The odds are that people will be ten times more interested in you because of your unique self, so don’t be afraid of being goofy, acting ridiculous and just having authentic fun. Jandi is the perfect example of it: she’s not rich, she isn’t very pretty, she doesn’t drive a fancy car nor have fancy clothes but she has one thing that makes her happy: self confidence. She is aware that no matter how imperfect she is, she is unique in her own special way, and that took her places! So don’t restraint from showing your true self to the world, some people will dislike you, even hate you, but most people will in first place either you’re a good person or not, either it’s you that’s showing or not. So why care?

3)      Even rich people have problems.They get depressed, sad, anxious… just like everyone does! Shinhwa students gave us good life lessons about the impact of money as it doesn’t always bring joy and happiness like we ought to think, but sometimes all it brings is greed, shallowness and sorrow. It doesn’t mean that poor people are happier, not at all, but it only means that the number of zeros in your bank account doesn’t translate your life happiness.

4)      Although, the amount of activity you do is quite relative to your happiness! GJD again shows us that being active and cheerful as a person is always a good thing as we always see her running around, either it’s hanging out with her friends, spending quality time with her family, doing an activity she likes such as swimming, she also study, volunteer or help Jihoo’s grandfather, work at the restaurant, help people out and give her time and energy to others… I just think the protagonist is truly a hero, she just never stops giving, to the point where she’s completely exhausted at times. And that’s exactly what we should all pick up from GJD’s personality: being active and most of all never complain about it. Life is too damn short to keep on sleeping.

5)      Everyone deserves a second chance! Junpyo and Jandi had a second chance, and believe me, it was the best shot ever at their relationship. Besides, Jihoo’s story was quite touching, and the reunion of the grandfather-grandson was quite amazing to witness because a lot of people relate to such stories, and unfortunately these same people don’t show as much forgiveness towards other’s mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes okay? That’s just the first fact the earth would say if it could speak. So sometimes, we need to really think twice about our problems and see if it wouldn’t be better if we burried the grudge and hate, especially in relationships as it’s sometimes a relief to just start a blank new page and forget everything that once got in the way. But of course we shouldn’t forget the proverb :  “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me!”

That’s it for my small top 5 list, if you liked the show, my article or if you just feel like the show taught you some things too, feel free to write it down in the comment section and share your own experience with us. xx


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