Time management or how to say goodbye to stress !


   It is common nowadays to see people struggling over and over again in an endless battle against time and their own capacities and energies, which most of the time causes them a lot of stress, frustration, and so on. So what’s needed is learn how to manage our time efficiently until we can balance work, studies, meetings and other daily tasks plus fun and relaxation once and then. To be fully honest with you who’s reading my blog at the moment, stress and tiredness have always been my worst enemies. So finding that balance for me isn’t just an icing top but a necessity if I want to stay fresh and alert during the day because whenever I stress too much (which happens a lot), I start feeling tired,weak, overwhelmed by any small additional work etc. But I’m not the only victim of stress, as more and more people share their own stories about daily stress anxieties..

So the first source of this ‘stress’ we talk about so much (that i might cover in one of my coming articles) as studies have shown, is time management in one’s life. People tend to postpone work, tasks, meetings, chores and other dues to “later” which one day catches them up and force them to work twice as hard as they used to do in the past. The urban proverb does say: “if I can do it tomorrow, I won’t do it today!”, but if you don’t want to feed the main source of your stress, you might need to go against the saying and actually force yourself to do some of the things you usually wouldn’t just because they’re boring, long, not necessary or just not your soup of tea. The truth is that these tasks (such as giving out a homework, cleaning your room, grocery shop…) as small as they can be, won’t just go away if you ignore them, but eventually get bigger finish in your ‘to do’ list who might end up looking like the 12 labors of Hercules. So if you keep on postponing the inevitable, you’ll be the foolish one doing extra job hours on a Sunday afternoon because of all the undone work you accumulated through time with ridiculous excuses such as “not now”, “later”, “just one more movie, episode..”, “after I check my facebook” or the classic “I’ll get to it when I’ll have the time”. Well listen closely. You’ll never have time to do anything in this planet, you just won’t! You can’t tumble on time in your pockets or magically get free time out of nowhere, the time consecrated to things is a concept we created and should deal with. We’re part of a non-stop time machine which needs a full understanding to be used properly, and time passes by either we figure out how to use it or not, so we’d better higher our capacities of getting some ‘no way around jobs’ done even if we hate them, because if we actually did hate the latter that much we’ll make sure to finish them until they become inexistant in our future.

So here’s an example about this. If your house gas bomb is leaking and you just keep it that way all night without taking care of it to be fixed, there’s only two issues: 1) you witness a hollywood movie explosion scene as your house blows off because of all the gas you let leaking, besides the fact that you’re not a handsome badass walking towards a Ferrari and having your hair flying all over because of the explosion, you’re actually the douche trapped inside and burning to death. Or 2) you don’t witness anything at all because you inhaled too much toxic gas which killed you right away. So my point is: thinking that time heals trouble is stupid as trouble never goes away, but only grows bigger and bigger until it explodes UNLESS someone steps up to fix it, and we’re talking about your problems so this ‘someone’ we speak about is most likely to be you. This means the first rule of saying goodbye to midnight crisis about how miserable you are because of the exam or reunion you have tomorrow and totally forgot about.. IS to start having a plan for your time, stick to it and see all the great advantages you win by doing things way before the delay and forgetting about procrastination and junk-tv-zombie-mode!


One thought on “Time management or how to say goodbye to stress !

  1. Ihsane says:

    I totally agree ! Your article is just amazing ! What I liked most is the example at the end , you killed me with hahah. Nice job anyway sis 😉

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