10 useful links you need to check out today !



1-Free ebooks : A real gem with thousands of free book you can download in pdf format (fiction, health, non fiction, academic textbooks… )

2-Iversity : A new website with great free courses and online, interractive, accessible learning. The courses available you can choose from are Contemporary architecture, Dark matter in galaxies, The future of storytelling, Design 101, Monte Carlo methods in finance, DNA : from structure to therapy, Vehicle dynamics…

3-Opencourses : Another great website with a large number of free online courses, language lessons, ebooks, audio books…

4-Fifostream : A reliable website to watch tons of  movies and tv shows (or re watching classical shows you might have forgotten). Don’t get lost okay?

5-Funny or die : Having a good laugh is -really- one click away! You can also go to the classic College Humor or The onion.

6-Things we make : Probably one of my biggest inspirations on wordpress, a blog dedicated to food in all its beauty. Craving chronicles is also an amazing cooking website where you can get lost by all the beauty around, beware!

7-Clip converter : Or how to convert any youtube video to a ready to download mp3 form, in an easy and simple step by step mode.

8-Redbull youtube channel : I’m a huge fan of sports and looking at people practising extreme sports, or just doing the sports they love just gives me inspiration that lasts. So redbull is a brand that impresses me because of all the support it gives to athletes and youth artists around the world which is definitely worth taking a look at on youtube.

9-Scott H Young : This man is really irresistible, and you can’t stop yourself from falling for him once you read him and browse throught his blog that has over 950 articles devoted to one idea: how to get more from life. Whether that involves doubling your reading ratelearning more with less studyingbeating procrastination …

10-Learn a language : Learn chinese, russian, japanese, spanish, french.. with free online lessons, games, activities to practise your learning, courses… 


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