How to turn any boring day into a “good day”

We all go throught some monotonous days of boredom, routine and a ton of joy-killers, so what we normally do as human beings is keep on wasting time, being bored, not doing anything productive all day long and then complain. But one of the great joys of life is that we always have the opportunity to change that boring day to something special and do numerous things that will keep us busy, entertained and make us feel like we did benefit from our free time to the fullest. Here are few things that will certainly draw a smile on your face and kick the boredom out of your sight:

1) Spend quality time with people you love! It can be your parents, a family member or your crazy friends… what matters is being around people you cherish in your life. We don’t always realize that we’re not giving certain persons enough time to talk, laugh and just “hang out”, so this is the time you’ll finally remember that friend you adore but can’t spend one hour with or that neighbour you always wanted to have a chat with. Find time for the people who matter, show them your support and most importantly show them that you do care about being with them because acts are certainly stronger than words.

2) Don’t listen to your playlist for once, look for completely fresh music! We all agree that music is the most amazing thing ever, the universe itself agrees on this. I know it sounds crazy, but it is now proven that music affects the way you conceive the word; so logically if your playlist is narrow, so is your perception. This is why it’s sometimes beneficial to search for music throught the internet or on the radio or just type in random words on youtube and see what you can tumble on. From my experience, the random links i clicked on and the random radio channels i heard at 3 oclock in the morning are how i found my all time favourite songs and artists, so don’t lose this chance you might win an eargasm.

3) Read! We’ll never say this enough: you haven’t truly lived unless you discovered how amazing books are. A proverb says:  “Happiness is hidden in a book’s pages, in a mother’s arms and finally in a lover’s cuddle.”

4) Eat desert and treat yourself like a king today! This is of course something to do with restrictions, you don’t even wanna know all the side effects of eating too much desert or food in general; but once in a while doesn’t hurt a bee. And don’t go on a diet, you wouldn’t wanna miss this.

5) Watch a comedy movie, tv-show, or vines! Laughing is a remedy to everything! It helps the heart beat healthier, it lowers your blood pressure, it strenghtens your facial muscles, it make you look good… and you end up happier than the second before so it’s a win win situation.

6) Pray and meditate! People get more and more aware of the importance of keeping a healthy spiritual connection and how empowering meditation and contemplation can be. All your anger and anxieties disappear once you start doing these activities daily and efficiently and you start dealing with problems differently and with more confidence and stability than ever. So don’t forget that we are spirits trapped in a body, and make sure yours has peace and inner strenght.

7) Don’t be a shut-in! If you’re under the same walls 24/7, don’t be surprised if nothing extraordinary happens to you. So to have action and rebounds you actually gonna have to get up, dress nicely, wear perfume and get away from home. If you don’t have money or can’t hang out with your friends, take yourself to the park, have a walk in your neighbourhood, visit friends or get them to come over… basically what you wanna do is see different things, talk to different people and anticipate amazing events.

8) Help someone around you! Make your day memorable, stronger: why not making the day memorable for someone else as well? Give out your old clothes, volunteer in a shelter or association whenever you have the time, buy a meal to a homeless person, be polite to everyone you meet… And if you can’t go out, just help in house chores or give your mom a break at cooking for once.

9) Learn something new! By the way, this is the most valuable advice i picked up during the last couple years, it helped me improve in a way i never imagined and keeps on helping me involve as a person. By learning something new, i mean that you need to fix a goal to yourself which is learning at least one thing everyday, and if you don’t you can pretty much double the goal next time and go from them. A word’s meaning, a new ability, how to knit, the secret ingredient to your mom’s recipe, that player’s last name… Everything you add to you knowledge and experiment is useful in building your character and turning you into the person you always wanted to be. Remember to always make a recap of your day until you can fix the informations in your brain, if not they’re more likely to be forgotten.

10) Read my articles, like this one!. Haha, just kidding, that’s all for now and as obvious as it is: this list isn’t complete, so it’s up to you to create things out of scratch that will help you survive some blue days when we just feel tormented by the urge of killing ourselves, or killing everyone around us!



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