How to overcome depression ?

     Depression is an invisible ennemy. It sneaks in while we aren’t noticing and that’s precisely the time when we’re the weakest ; it damages all our senses and encloses our perception before we even become conscious about it. It breaks our bones, slaps us in the face yelling ‘reality’, rapes us until we lose all the hope, faith, courage, will and happiness we had left, snabs us in the back when we think it’s over and leaves us laying on the ground. Most people will spend days, months and even years crying and thinking about how things turned out so bad in their lives and heads, or why did It happen to them in particular, or how  great and amazing their lives were ‘before’… But some people, the smartest ones,  will cry for the last time and pick up all the strenght they can hollow out and move on; they’re no superheroes, they’re just wise enough to understand that being sad won’t bring back a period of time where they were better-off, they know that hurting themselves won’t make things in the world brighter and will definitely not fix their problems. They are aware of the fact that the only persons who can fix things in their lives are themselves, so they rely on no one to get them out of their misery; when a person has a dream he needs to fight with no mercy until he achieves it, and protect it until no one steals it away from him. These people know that when we hit our lowest point, we are headed for the greatest change. So they involve, they grow up, learn from their mistakes and simply look for ways to have a succesful life and a happy peaceful mind instead of over thinking things that happened and should’ve happened… Over thinking only makes an individual more negative than he already is, so in the end all he looks at in the morning is the bills he haven’t paid, the long hours of tiring and boring work he have ahead of him, the complains of his-her partner, the accumulation of life problems who don’t seem to go away with time but only grows bigger and darker… That’s all he will ever see when he wakes up in the morning every single day of his life if he keeps on planning, thinking and worrying about life instead of living it to the fullest without really caring about the things that just went wrong. We are what we think, so if we decide to be happy no matter how big our problems are, we’ll wake up thinking about how blessed we are to have one more day to change ourselves and grow towards the person we wants to be in the future. It’s all a vicious circle that makes the depressed one feel like he’s trapped, like there’s no exit for him beside hurting himself, the others or ending his days; but the secret is to simply believe that there is a solution, and throw away the negativity and hate we have trapped inside of us. There’s essentially one life lesson every human being learns, and some people harder than the others: “Life is hard. Suck it up.” When we start letting depression and apathy take over our heads, we lose.

 So here’s the deal, next time you wake up, instead of mentally listing all the good things you could be doing that day and all the possible reasons you aren’t being happy, get your ass out, work for yourself, go outside and actually do what makes you happy! Happiness isn’t a period of time therefore it can’t occur a whole lifetime, otherwise it will be worthless. If you weren’t sad from time to time, you wouldn’t be able to taste real happiness; just imagine how normal chocolate would taste if we were obligated to eat it with no other foodstuff. Each time you’ll be mad about something, think of it as an opportunity to be genuinely happy when it all ends. Happiness isn’t complicated; it’s a smile, a tender moment with a person you love,  a cup of hot chocolate in a cold night, a good movie or a book you like, it’s a beautiful stranger you’ll never see again in your life but who fascinated you for a couple seconds, a new outfit you find amazing, a random conversation… It can be everything around you, or nothing. So its for you to decide. Start enjoying the smallest things around you and the whole world will make you happy and even inspire you. Create inspiration from scratch, or find it in the world around you: the people, the diversity, the mesmerising nature and wildlife, cultures, arts… find the reason why you’d like to figh for living! The reason why your existance isn’t vain. If you feel like you suck at everything and life hates you, it’s probably the case, not because you aren’t worth being loved but because all you give to the world is hate and bad vibrations, the truth is that the world only cares about what you can add to it, what you can give, so if you give love, you’ll get it back, and on the same page if you give negativity, you can only imagine what comes back. You can always learn how to live a healthier life, work harder, be more positive, earn more confidence and inspire more people and stay inspired yourself: that’s how life will notice you and possibly get ten times more clement with you. Sometimes, it happens that people forget that they really matter in this world, to this universe; you have mass, you occupy space, you breath air and have an independent life! So you do matter, no matter how low or inexistant your self esteem is. So right now, after focusing on positivity and change, after escaping the vicious circle of depression, after planning what you’d like to do in your life, knowing the person you’d like to be furthermore what change you’d like to bring to the world and people around you… All you need is to start! And believe me, it might sound cliché, but it’s damn right: right now is the time you start looking up for yourself and stop complaining and basically just failing at everything,  if you find it hard well it’s the point of life. Nothing comes easy, you’re a warrior, so if life fights you, have courage, pick your balls and fight back. If you don’t like something in the world or in yourself, change it. If you can’t see clear, change your eyes. Moreover, if you’re sad, stop being that way and look outside your closed box for once, you might see a bigger picture and get surprised by how huge our planet is and by all the countless opportunities that are just waiting for a person like you to take them.

 So in the end, all I can add is that a wise stranger once told me that the reason why we’re alive isn’t necessarely to change the world, but mainly to strop it from changing us. So don’t just be yourself just because everyone else is taken, be the best version of you that you can ever be because you only get one chance to live. So smile, create souvenirs, be happy, make other people happy around you as often as you can and make everyone wonder why you’re still strong after all the pain you’ve been thru.



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