7, very useful, things to know before visiting Morocco

Morocco is such a beautiful country : beautiful landscape, a diverse nature, mountains, a gorgeous Sahara desert, a vibrant culture, souks and Riads that look like they’re the scenery of an Arabian fairy tale, a rich musical multiplicity, delicious food… The culture of Morocco is a melting pot of Arab, Berber, Mediteranean, African, Andalusian and Hispanic cultures. So there’s no surprise that millions of tourists visit the country each year, Morocco’s economy is actually based on tourism. But the culture shock might sometimes be huge. So I thought I could help the internet community with these 7, very useful, things to know about Morocco before visiting the country for the first time, so as to avoid the cultural shock barrier and spend the most enjoyable time in the Moroccan land.


  • Morocco is a third world country. Big cities might have all the latest technologies and buildings, but poverty is a real crisis in the country so you might see it a lot, especially if you visit the medina, where 70% of people there are either deprived or in an unstable condition. So seeing beggars, fake tourist guides asking for money, people laying in the streets… can be a drawback to some, but hey it’s the reality of thousands of people, not only in Morocco but all around the world. But don’t fall into the trap of encouraging such behaviours, if you want to help that miserable lady with her child at the corner of the souk, get her child to a school or childcare association instead of giving her easy money, she won’t use it to sort her way out of begging but keep believing everyone will just hand her money out of pity without her ever considering looking for a job. (Some extreme beggars borrow children and force them to ask for money, work in prostitution, run ‘slumdog’ mafias.. so don’t help financing it by any ways, if you want to give back to the world or help improve people’s situation, volunteer at organizations and donate to certified Ngo’s and associations, they will help, support and efficiently look for ways to end this phenomenon).

  • If it’s not pasta, lasagna, soup, steak, or if they’re not eating a fancy dish.. people will certainly, without an ounce of doubt, eat with their hands. So 80% of the food you’ll get will come with tons of bread and no forks or knives so that you can ‘dive’ in the dish, literally. The ‘way too famous’ Tajine as an example is served in one big plate and everyone picks a piece of bread and starts eating as a sign of love and trust in his peers eating with him. Moroccan culture is really about the community and family rather than individualism, so it runs in the blood of everyone that some meals such as lunch should be eaten with the family in the same plate so as everyone can get the same amount of food and that all hands, no matter their differences, share the dish as one. Some may like it, accept it, try it… others may think eating with hands is nasty. But in the end, you’re the tourist, so either you accept that people have different customs, or you don’t.

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Book review : The leader in you – Dale Carneige

     Hi folks. It’s been a while since i posted my first book review on the blog, so I thought I could use my free time this month writing more book reviews about the tons of book I now, finally, have the time to read. “The leader in you” by the life and work coach Dale Carneige  is my last reading. Dale Carneige was already an inspiration to me before I read any of his work since I read online some amazing paragraphs he wrote in his first book “How to make friends” and great reviews about his self-development training and coaching. He had inspired millions around the world and I still had absolutely no idea what his books were about. So I finally fed my curiosity and here’s what I think about it.


First thing I have to say is that the Dale Carneige training can be thought of as a professional group and work development that only big, rich, influent companies choose to take so as to double their productivity and look ‘trendy’. But in reality his tips and advice are applicable on all aspects of life, and everyone could benefit from them either it’s at work, in the community, marriage life, with friends and family… It’s really amazing to see how everyone can fit into the resourceful training his books provide. To summarize all the amazing techniques I already learned thanks to just this one little book, I’ll say I learned my leadership aptitudes, and how to build them stronger, how to communicate more efficiently, how to motivate others, earn respect rather than ask for it… and so many other things we all think we already know and manage well in our lives. But the truth is, we still suffer from bad communication problems, low motivation at work, lack of leadership in everyday life situations… So I would really recommend you to get a copy of this book, or anything Carnegie in that matter.

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10 obvious signs you have the Cyrus Syndrome !

     Today’s post is a little sarcastic, i agree, but what i’m asking you to ask yourself may solve your entire life problems. Do you have the Cyrus syndrome? What’s the Cyrus syndrome? Well, let me enlighten you up. The Cyrus syndrome is a serious disease that started with 14 years old whose parents failed at raising them (miserably); that was years ago, but after some celebrities catched it as well we can now say it’s a Cyrus syndrome. The later turns people into obnoxious, self-centered, whining, attention seeking, drama queens (and  even kings) individuals with a peaked interest in imitating other swag/hipster/grunge youths. The illness, if not cured, can eventually (in the most severe cases) end up in being possessed by Lucifer, which explains the tongue licking, crazy-angry reactions and horny tendencies. That being said, the Cyrus syndrome can occur at any lifetime period, no matter the sex, race or religion; it also comes in all shapes, colors and sizes. And because of the dangerosity of this disease and how fast it can spread, I’m ready to give you some of the most obvious symptoms that will help you figure out either you must seek death or not.

Side effects...

1)      You can twerk, but you can’t work! Shaking your ass isn’t gonna make you smarter, it’s not gonna pay the bills (unless you’re a hooker), and definitely not gonna make you look cool. It just shows how ratchet, low standard and influencable you are. “Yeah I saw this new move that Miley Something did in her music video a decade ago and guess what? Because I’m so unique I’ll shake It like she doesn’t even every time I go to the club or dance with my ‘girls’ until there’s a new trend I can copy on.”

2)      You buy the new iPhone every month, break it and then cry about it all over the place like you just lost a parent. Or even better, you break your iPhone, buy a new iPhone and then complain about how Apple products can be ruined so easily… Really? Really?

3)      Your instagram has more selfies than Afghanistan (Salafis, selfies got it? Ugh this joke just kills me every time). Or if your instagram account has way too much nudes and pictures of your bum, boobs, abs and mouth in a shitty attempt to look sexy. Unless your name sounds like Rihanna, Shakira, Miranda Kerr… No? Then it’s just not acceptable. You’re sexual, but not sexy. Think of it like a baboon’s derrière. It’s sexual, big and full of shit, but still not appealing/sexy. So cover yourself up, please.

4)      You LOVE to gossip about everyone around you, to hate on people’s back, spread rumors, but then out of the blue you tweet or post a facebook status about how fake and stupid it is to talk about you behind your back, or saying ridiculously clichéd quotes like: “haters gonna hate”! Guys, for real: you can’t complain about being robbed if you’re a thief! You can’t even complain about being killed if you’re a murderer! You get what you give, that’s the policy down here. There’s some sort of justice in this world, and it’s called Karma, and it may take some time to get back at you. But once it does, don’t complain. We know.

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My Summer 2014 bucketlist !


You know I love lists. I love them so much actually I sometimes make lists of lists I want to write. I just love how well-organized my ideas become when they’re on a list. It’s also perfect because it makes me feel good each time when i take something out of the list, I can keep track of my achievements. So things I want to do-see-try this summer 2014 are no different, they go in another of my bucketlists, so I thought I could share a part of it with you here.

1)      Surf in 3 different beaches

2)      Donate blood

3)      Finish the 100 movie list

4)      Reach 300 followers on WordPress

5)      Get my ears pierced

6)      Finish the 100 push up program

7)      Hold a snake in my hands

8)      Blow perfect smoke rings

9)      Eat a kidney dish (yuk)

10)   Send a fan letter

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“Stop Apartheid: Boycott Israel” Momentum Growing Worldwide

Originally posted on the real SyrianFreePress network:

Obama & Netanyahu

More than ever, not only are groups in the US against Israels Apartheid, and nearly everything Israel stands for, but the boycott movements are on the rise in huge numbers in other countries as well. While Israel thinks because it has a powerful nation like America behind it, it gives them the right to break many international laws. WRONG!

What they fail to recognize, the “people” wont stand for their tax dollars supporting this as countries fall more poor by the day. While the United States is running from country to country trying to destroy it for the sake of this nasty little state called Israel, the momentum grows to divest from, and boycott Israel, even from Israelis themselves. The more they do, the more people are standing against them. Keep going Israel soon enough, you will have your day.

The more “Nutty-Yahood” steals the occupied land of the Palestinians…

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5 quick tips to stay healthy during Ramadan

To all those fasting this year, here are few quick tips on how to stay healthy during Ramadan. And to everyone else, these tips apply as well, health is a universal concern.

1)      Drink A LOT of water. It goes without saying, but make sure not to keep it until the last minute, make sure you drink 2.5 l of water, by small dozes all throughout the night.

2)      Don’t oversleep. We tend to sleep until late in the afternoon so as not to get exhausted, but studies have shown that sleeping that much during Ramadan only makes your body even more tired, and turns your natural clock into a complete mess you’ll need time to recover from. The best would be to sleep enough, until 10 or 11am, and then go get the day ready.

3)      Don’t forget to exercise, or at least walk daily. The best time to do some work out is an hour before the ftour or later at night after you broke your fasting, this way you don’t exhaust your body and can get the most out of your working out time.

4)      Avoid tea, salt, sugar and too much peppers and spices. Your body just survived a hot, active day without a drop of water nor a slice of food, so at the ftour the last thing you need is that hot tea, overly spiced dish or five-tablespoons of sugar in your coffee.

5)      Prefer natural and healthy snacks like almond, nuts… to other manufactured sweets and fast food. Ramadan is the perfect time for your constipation, or diarrhea to say hello, so shut down the glutton part of you who wants to eat like it’s the last meal, and think about your health, poor digestive system and weight instead. Yeah, thank you.

If you have more tips related to fasting during Ramadan, or staying healthy, feel free to comment down bellow. Have a great day folks!