7 healthy tips of the day


1) Get strong, not skinny! Exercise daily, or weekly depending on your schedule, goal and motivation but never go on a diet to ‘lose weight’, if you decide to go on a diet (based on your doctor’s prescription), do it so you can have a healthier lifestyle and a fit body. Skinny is ugly, dumb and disgusting, strong isn’t.

2) Think water ! Drink at least 2L of water a day, it’s the best gift you can give to your body. Forget about soda and coke, and prefer water, infused tea and freshly pressed juice.

3) Embrace the laughter therapy every day! An old Yiddish proverb says, “What soap is to the body, laughter is to the soul.”  A good laugh can be compared to a mild workout, as it exercises the muscles, gets the blood flowing, decreases blood pressure and stress hormones, improves sleep patterns and boosts the immune system. I recommend you check this article : “7 health benefits of laughter”.

4) Instead of chosing diet, read Ivan Gavriloff’s book “Dine with a fork” and follow his great ” Fork it ” concept. Forget about all you can’t eat with a fork, including Nutella, peanut butter and chips.

5) Start the day with an apple, or apple juice. “One apple a day, keep the doctor away” might be a little exaggerated but the fruit is rich in vitamin A, B and C, in oligo-elements and fructose, so it can be  great boost for your day.

6) Copy your kitty cat. Learn to do stretching exercises at the moment you wake up. It boosts blood circulation and digestion, and eases back pain. You can also include some ab workouts or push ups.

7) Sleep better. Stop the yo-yo sleeping habit: 9 hours of sleep today and only 5 the day after. Be consistent, if 5 hours of sleep are enough resting time for you then stick with the same amount of sleep, the same goes for longer amounts (shorter can’t be normal, if you have less than 5 hours of sleep a day, you should seek help immediately).

10 tips to do well on a job-university interview


The one and only James Deam - Magnum

  • Prepare your meeting beforehand. Who are you going to speak to, why you’re meeting up for in the first place, what company-university do you want to have access to… Answering these questions, and collecting data about the people you’ll be talking to and place you want to enter will take you places. Visualize how the meeting will go, write down some of the questions you think they’ll obviously ask you, and other less obvious questions and find the best answer you can give to each one of them. Describing yourself in few minutes, the reason why you’re at the meeting, your goals and hobbies… these are the most commonly asked questions, and you SHOULD have a great answer to provide the jury, or else you will give the impression of being careless and uninterested.
  • Dress to impress. It is true that appearance counts, so prepare your outfit few days before and remember that the first thing the jury will see is your clothes, so dress lightly, and keep things simple. Pick an outfit you feel comfortable in but that is respectful and sober. Classics are the best when it comes to meetings.
  • First impressions count the most. Smile to the jury, make small chat with the person who walks you in, make a comment about the place or situation when you have the chance to break the tension that rules in the room during the meeting… But as pointed at before: keep things simple and just go with the flow, don’t try to astonish the jury too hard or make unnecessary comments or jokes (don’t you even start with the jokes, what you think is funny at the time of the interview will usually turn out extremely boring).

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Top 3 surfing spots in Morocco

Morocco has some of the best surf spots to offer in the world. Taghazout area is especially well known for its perfect right-hands that have been attracting surfers from worldwide since the 60’s.
The swell season starts in October till April. During summer the most consistent area is between Safi and north Rabat.

Surf Inn

1) Taghazout.

Sunset at Anchor Point

Anchor Point  is probably the most famous Moroccan surf spot due to its clean lines and consistency on all tides. It starts working at about 3ft and holds up to 15ft. This surf break is a mix of sand and reef bottom with 3 different sections where you can go for cover ups and turns at the first two sections and the last one just gets quite hollow and fast. It can be a long wave of about 300m to 500m.

Surf Camp Taghazout

Boilers : Named after the boiler of a shipwreck that can be seen as the waves form, this is one of the most thrilling spots. Boilers is considered the most challenging break in the region, an awe-inspiring surf spot that draws professional photographers in search of the ultimate surfing image.

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How to induce Lucid Dreaming in 5 (easy) steps

  Today’s post is quite… hum, special? I’m going to speak about dreams, especially Lucid Dreams. We spend almost 1/2 of our lives sleeping. This means that a 50 years old man spent an average of 25 years sleeping. Lucid dreaming becomes an amazing way of using this time to explore our inner selves, limits and sometimes even our deepest fears. Lucid dreaming may sound like a myth to some because they never tried, but science has proven that LD’s are indeed a very normal phenomenon that almost everyone can experience during his sleep. I had many lucid dreams in my life, most of the time I used to get so excited that I’m actually lucid, in a dream, that I would wake myself up. But then I learned few tricks thanks to the internet and some books about the topic and started to discover the dream, speak to people (parts of my unconsciousness), fly and so much more.

Michael Cheval painting

 Lucid dreams aren’t as huge and dramatic as in the Inception movie, and the odds are that you won’t be able to choose a location or a scenery for your dream but will be ‘waking up’ in a completely random dream. Some more experienced Lucid dreamers learn skills such as chosing the location of their dreams, being able to recall a certain scenery and visit it again, or imagine an entire imaginary world where they can go each time; but these are Pro dreamers, and it’s quite difficult to get to their level. If you think these people are crazy, that Lucid dreaming is bullshit, that all of this can’t be happening… Well, just try it out. Give it some time and you’ll see for yourself. It can take one thought about Lucid dreaming to make some people experience it, as it could take many months of training and exercising (like me) to finally realize I’m in a dream, fly and then get too excited and wake up.

No matter how much time and effort you put into it, let me tell you It’s all worth it because 1) you’re using the years of sleep you’re wasting away at the moment, 2) you’re exploring your own mind limits, and feeling how wonderful your brain can be, 3) having the possibility to do everything you can’t in real life!! And the number 3 is the most important reason, in your dream you can fly buildings, you can turn into a cat, get inside a mirror, taste wood and think it tastes like chocolate (yes, it happened), drive a car upside down, discuss with the people inside your dream (who can both be very funny, interesting, wise and friendly, or rude and extremely evil, they might even insult you, hit you or wake you up, but that’s another topic), you can literally do anything you want. It can sometimes be a very creepy experience as your dreams are affected by your mood, and the same happens when lucid dreaming : if you get scared by something, or freaked out, or remember you hate blood, then odds are that your dream is going to turn bloody scary.

Anyhow, here are 5 easy (baby) steps for everyone to try in order to have a lucid dream. You can google the topic and see how many forums and articles are dedicated to lucid dreams and what are the most common ways of inducing the dreams.

Brandon Stanton - Humans of New York

  • Keep a dream journal. No one can explain how important this is, what’s the point of having the most amazing dream during the night and not remembering it in the morning. So the first step is remembering, if you work on your dream memory, your sleep process will benefit, your dream quality will benefit as well. So keep a journal and remember to write all you dreamed about the minute you wake up, if you do this regularly, you’ll start seeing the difference and how your dreams will become more and more detailed and elaborate. Instead of dreaming of a car, you’ll dream of a purple car with a baby Jimi Hendrix driving it next to a barber shop called Banana that looks like a blue lotus flower.
  • Before you sleep, tell yourself that you’ll have a lucid dream that night. Tell yourself this with conviction, and if it doesn’t work out the first couple times, just keep on going because our brains are pretty simple: if you give them an order, they may take time to make it happen but if you just insist a little bit longer, your order turns into a reality. That’s why it’s so important to keep positive thoughts and ideas, because the brain actually soaks in what you think and works towards making it happen.
  • Have reality checks during the day and work on your critical mind.Our brain can’t figure out he’s being played and that the dream isn’t reality, that’s why we have real emotions in our dreams: we’re happy, excited, sad, scared… But if you work on your critical brain, the one that gives signals to your brain about how sketchy the situation is, well you’ll gain a lot. “Am I dreaming?” is the first question you should ask yourself, if this is regular, your brain will ask the same question during a dream and realize that you’re wearing a banana suit and dancing with mariachi at your brother’s wedding… And you don’t even have a brother. This ability to tell either what you’re experiencing is real or not is very important, not only while you sleep, but in everyday life situations.
  • When you wake up, try to stay still for a couple of seconds without moving a single bone, close your eyes again and imagine yourself rolling backwards or to the side, it does sounds weird at first: how can I imagine myself rolling if my body isn’t moving? Well believe me, the first thing you realize when you get into the lucid dreaming world is that we are made of a soul or spirit, when you roll your ‘spirit’ and not your body, you’ll jump into a lucid dream instantly. The most successful lucid dreams I had happened when I rolled or jumped or backflipped  (in the dream), because you can actually feel yourself moving, and what’s weird is that it’s more real than actually moving your body. It’s like you’re out of the body for a little while, some call it OBE (Out of body experience). Maybe astral travelling is just another type of lucid dreaming, who knows?
  • YogaMeditate! Meditation broadens the mind. So does lucid dreaming, so If you already have an experience in controlling your thoughts and mind, you will have an easier time inducing lucidity in your sleep. I feel bad for people who have no idea what their minds are capable of, and who simply live by without once trying to meditate, or try something different while they sleep instead of just closing their eyes and waking up without at least one good souvenir out of their night, or one good vision (sometimes the scenes in our dreams are beyond beautiful and can inspire us to write songs, books, to paint…).

That’s it for today’s entry, I hope you enjoyed it, feel free to comment and discuss down bellow, if you have more tips or some experience concerning lucid dreaming, make sure to add to the conversation. Have a nice day everyone, xx.

“Sheep” day philosophy !

Pic by Joel Sossa

Photography by Joel Sossa

    Today is the Adha Aid, a real torture for animal lovers like me. I qualify myself as a believer who gets inspired by the spiritual beauty of all religions ( Islam, Reform Judaism, Christianism, Liberal Quakers, Bahai, Sikhism, Jainism, Unitarian Universalism, Neo-paganism, Secular Humanism, Hinduism and Buddhism ), i don’t know how to call my deism but i indeed think that religion is something personal that goes constant change and evolution, so we should always seek knowledge, feed our brains and souls with what resonates with our inner wisdom . Our perception of the world is OUR truth, there is no such thing as an absolute wisdom, so each one of us is meant to look for it himself.

 Anyhow, today is a ceremony that Moroccans ( and most muslims ) celebrate like if it was Redemption day, and i honestly think all this wasted food and energy is completely unnecessary given the current world events and the mindset of most people. Not only isn’t this sacrifice something primordial (just a Sunna, not a Fard), it’s expensive, wasteful, completely ridiculous if we just take a look at the countries around us who are either in war, hunger or distress. Buying tremendously expensive sheep and having royal feasts just so we can show how ‘muslim’ we are, how fat and expensive our animal (and belly) is compared to the neighbour’s… while we could end national hunger for 20 years with half that money if we all donated together to the same charity. We should try thinking with our hearts and minds instead of believing that the bigger the sheep, the bigger the faith. Besides the fact that we would’ve helped entire countries with the Aid money, i have absolutely nothing against people’s right to celebrate what they believe in if they do it with full awareness of the whereabouts.

Anyhow, have a nice day no matter if you’ll be eating sheep balls, heart and liver all week long or not ! Xx